Superheroes with Super Glasses

Over the years we have seen some glasses with extraordinary abilities to aid our favourite superheroes. Heroes sporting a pair of specs can be very symbolic of their nature, with your classic superhero story involving a physically weak character with a hunger for justice who transforms into one of the many caped crusaders that we are used to.

But which bespectacled superhero was the best? Through a very hard thought out process, here is the whittled down list!


One of the most important aspects to being a superhero is to conceal your identity, and Clark Kent had one of the simplest yet most effective disguises known to the superhero world. His glasses had the amazing ability to somehow completely conceal his identity from his friends and greatest enemies.

These glasses have the amazing ability to transform Superman into bland office clerk Clark Kent, without his co-workers suspecting a thing. You cannot help but to be blown away at the change in appearance. Let’s just hope they do not fall off, otherwise the illusion is ruined… 

supermanImage by Joshua Dickens

Apart from having the ability to make Clark Kent a master of disguise, the glasses also contained Kryptonian material that is impervious to damage from his heat vision. Cool or what?

Animal Man

One you may not have heard of, Animal Man (AKA Buddy Baker) is the Dr Doolittle of superheroes with the ability to absorb the abilities of a present animal such as the flight of a bird or the strength of an elephant. He gained these powers by being in the near proximity of a crashed extra-terrestrial space ship while out hunting.

Surprisingly the character was not much of a hit and made just a few appearances in the DC Comic Universe before continuing onto his own series to then gradually disappearing into obscurity. However the bizarre plot and character with his hilarious great sense of style with additional bulky goggles (technically not glasses) and trench coat, has lead to a cult following of Animal Man. His distinctive looking goggles have made him a controversial but necessary member to this list. 

animal man Image by Philipp Lenssen


Poor Scott Summers couldn’t read, watch his favorite TV programs, or even look out his window without destroying everything in his path via his deadly gaze. That was, until he got his super optic blast controlling glasses allowing him to see everything without obliterating it to smithereens!

cyclops Image by Mark Ordonez

Cyclops had the option to casually blast or zap as he pleased with a simple lift of his super designer glasses. With the X-Men he also gained a battle visor with a single lens running eye-to-eye to therefore create the ‘Cyclops’ effect, controlling his blasts at a push of a button. Definitely the first character that springs to most people’s minds in this category, and possibly contender for the best superhero with super glasses on this list.

Austin Powers

Not your typical comic book hero, but I think he fits the bill. This ultra suave 60’s British super spy would not be nearly as irresistible to woman or have the ability to charm his way out of any sticky situation, if he was not equipped with his thick black designer prescription glasses. The hipster swinger is an iconic hero and it is hard to imagine if he would have the nearly same level of popularity without his distinctive glasses!

austin powers

Image by FS Fan

The unlikely sex symbol’s vintage black squared glasses have lead to a surge in popularity in fancy dress, and even perhaps a contribution to the rise in sales of vintage glasses. Along. of course. with Harry Potter, Austin Powers is one of the most famous characters to be globally recognized for his or her glasses and deserves his spot on this superhero list!

What superheroes with super glasses would you include in this elite list?

Estelle Page
Estelle Page is an interior designer with an affinity for luxury, eco-friendly home design. She lives in Sussex with her husband and two kids but is continually moving home, just for the fun of always having a decoration project on the go!

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