Holiday Health Helpers – Calculating Your Surroundings into Your Skin Care Routine

Whether you’re off to lounge by the pool or ski the Alps on your next trip, you should keep your skin in mind. It’s sensitive stuff and is all too easily affected by a sudden change in the weather, not to mention a change in eating or exercise habits as we all like to indulge in the local cuisine and be more active than usual, or less if we’re lazing on the beach!

We are constantly being told to take care of our skin, and whether it’s through the use of protective sunscreen or rich moisturisers, we try our best to keep it healthy. Here are a few more tips to bear in mind when it comes to protect your skin abroad…

Margaritas and Makeup

If you’re planning a trip to a tropical country then you should prepare for the likely high level of humidity. A humid climate causes you to sweat much more than usual and hence wash your face more too – which can leave your skin dried out. Pack a rich moisturizer to slather on at night – it’ll help prolong your tan too!

Your make up cosmetics routine might need to be switched up here as well since it is much more likely to sweat off your face! Swap your liquid foundation for a matte powder – or simply use a tinted moisturizer, but be sure it has SPF15 protection or higher. Wrinkles are no one’s idea of beauty, after all.

City Loving

If you’re headed to the big city for a weekend of tourist attractions and shopping then I hate to break it to you, but you might want to prepare for an increased level of air pollution.

With a big city comes big city grime and the best way to tackle that problem and keep your skin glowing is to exfoliate. Sloughing off the top layer of skin cells and helping the skin below breathe freely is important for keeping it healthy. Use a moisturiser packed full of antioxidants too to combat all of those harmful free radicals found in city pollution.

Day in the Desert

While it may seem obvious, I’m going to say it anyway; sunscreen is your friend. Apply some first thing in the morning, even if the sun doesn’t seem to be making much of an appearance, and keep applying it throughout the day. If you’re worried about your skin getting a little greasy then grab some oil-free sunscreen and you’ll be fine.

Of course, even SPF100 won’t do you much good if you’re out in the sweltering desert heat all day long with your skin on show. The best bet is to cover up with a shawl!

Hitting the Slopes

If you’re planning on frolicking in the snow and learning how to snowboard on your holiday, then the number one thing you need to remember for your skin is moisturizer. Cold temperatures can dry your skin so keeping it super hydrated is important. Avoid turning the tap up to super warm when washing your face or showering as the hot water can irritate dry skin.

It may seem silly when it’s freezing out, but if there is any sun don’t forget to apply sunscreen – you can still get burned when it’s cold out. Also, various products like perfume and non-permanent hair dye can affect your skin and dry it out as well, so it’s best to go ‘au natural’ during your break.

Are there any tips you have for keeping your skin healthy while traveling?

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