How to Keep Your Baby’s Stomach Healthy

A baby with a healthy stomach is a happy baby.  While all babies have gas, some babies pass it easier than others.  Excess gas causes your baby pain and discomfort making your baby fussy and not able to sleep well.

If a baby has too much gas in her stomach she may have a bloated abdomen, hard belly, and frequent spit-ups, excessive burping, flatulence and hiccups.

While some times a baby is just born that way, there are things you can control to keep your baby’s stomach healthy and give your infant gas relief.

  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid foods that cause more gas that can be transferred to the baby such as beans and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Researchers have also linked acidic foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes and strawberries and dairy products can also irritate an infant’s stomach.
  • Baby’s can also swallow too much air while they are eating.  That is why burping throughout a feeding is so important.  Burp every 3-5 minutes. If your baby is bottle fed, make sure you are using the proper nipple size and that air bubbles are not forming in the bottle.
  • Don’t let your baby eat too fast.  If you are breastfeeding sometimes the problem is caused by hyper-lactation syndrome. This is when a mother produces too much breast milk and it lets down too fast forcing the baby to gulp and swallow too much air.  This same phenomenon can happen to bottle-fed babies with a quick flowing nipple.
  • When you are introducing solid foods to older babies be aware of how your baby is being affected by the foods. It will take time for your baby to get used to processing solid foods.   Gas-producing fruits and vegetables cause more gas in babies just like they do adults.
  • Swallowing air during crying can also cause air bubbles to be trapped in the stomach and intestine.  All babies cry and will gulp air into their stomachs as they cry. Just try to soothe your baby as soon as possible and relieve any gas with infant gas relief drops.

The key to keeping your baby’s stomach healthy is to control the elements that are causing your baby to have more gas.  Do what you can to control and eliminate the problem.  For the gas you can’t avoid, get it out of your infant’s tummy as soon as possible through burping her frequently and using natural gas relief drops such as Colic Calm Gripe Water.

Excessive trapped air bubbles and infant gas is believed to be the cause of colic.  How do you know if it is colic?  The New York Times reported colic is different than just crying for no reason. It is common for all newborn babies to go through a time of fussiness where they cannot be soothed but colic is excessive inconsolable crying for long periods of time that is linked to digestive problems. Typically colic, (prolonged crying fits lasting for 2 or 3 hours) happens at the same time each day or night, start and stop abruptly and without warning and commonly after meal times.  Symptoms usually cease after a bowel movement or passing gas. Other signs of colic are frequent spitting up, hard or bloated tummy, and disrupted sleep.  During a colic episode, you can tell your baby is in serious discomfort.  He arches his back, pulls his knees to his chest, clenches his fists and flails arms and legs.

Drew Hendricks
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