The 5 Biggest Headaches for New Parents

Becoming a new parent fills life with new challenges. There’s a new little life in the house – a wonder, yes, but it does disrupt everything!

Here are the five biggest annoyances for most new parents, and how to deal with them.  At first they seem really hard, but with time and practice they get easier.

1. Breastfeeding

Should new parents breastfeed their children, or give them formula? How long should children be breastfed? And how long can new parents put up with breastfeeding their children?

This gives most parents some headaches at first, but it’s really pretty easy. Most experts say that you should breastfeed your child for about the first 6 months, before solid foods are first introduced.

Of course, new parents (especially mothers) need to determine how long they’re willing to spend breast feeding. But 6 months is a good general rule, and as mothers get used to breast feeding it will become less of an issue.

2. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a major challenge that new parents deal with. Unlike studying for a final, the newborn needs constant attention so new parents must spend lots of time with them for the first few weeks and months, at the expense of their own sleep.

Anything that gives the children pain at this point makes it even more difficult on the new parents. Upset stomachs, little sicknesses, and other minor issues become really important – since solving them means new parents can get a full night’s sleep!

There’s no easy fix to this one. Upset stomachs can be dealt with, sleepy children can be put to sleep, and sick kids given medicine and comforted, but there’s no special secret to fix this one.

3. Little One’s Upset Stomachs

A sickness or upset stomach can be a major issue for new parents. Anything that makes the newborn uncomfortable will make new parents extremely uncomfortable.

Tummy Calm is an excellent remedy for regular stomach upset issues. If you want a full night’s sleep, try it.

4. Loss of Personal Time

When you have kids, you lose a lot of personal time. The newborn baby takes all your energy and time (and money), and you have to deal with a major life change.

Planning shifts with your partner can help you salvage some personal time. But realistically, new parents have to decide to give up some of their activities when they have kids.

You can do everything you want to, just not at  the same time. The time when you have a new child is not the time to pick up a lot of new activities.

5. Job and Baby and Personal Life?

This ties into new parent’s loss of personal time. New parents must figure out how to balance everything in their life so that they can give the baby the time it needs, keep performing at their best in jobs, and keep a little sanity too.

There are no special tricks recommended for this. Good planning and simply deciding what is important in your life are the best ways to make sure you keep doing what’s important.

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