Hands On: Insanely Great Products 1Over the last couple weeks, I had the opportunity to review some simple but great products from Insanely Great Products. The hyperbole in the name aside, these products are very cool and totally worth the money.

When I first opened the package containing the Jack, The Scooter and the Clip and Go, I’ll admit I was a little surprised to see what appears to be a standard binder clip. It was attached to one of the acrylic phone holders (the Clip and Go) but I cast any doubt aside and tried it out.   The products each have a large suction cup (about 1 and ¾ inches across) that holds the phone in place and the Scooter has 2.

On my first attempt to attach my phone, which has a semi smooth case, to the Clip and Go, the suction cup would not stay attached but Insanely Great Products included some vinyl circle decals/stickers that I could use on my case to create the smooth surface needed for the suction cup to work.  Just one on the back of my phone is all it took for me to start using these 3 great products successfully.

These are the types of products that make you smack yourself and say, “Why didn’t I come up with that?”  They are simple but effective and they provide great utility for a low price.  According to the company website igproducts.us the prices are as follows (with descriptions pulled from the respective pages):

The Clip and Go – $15.00

“The Clip and Go uses a specially treated binder clip and suction cup to secure your iPhone or any smooth backed device to the air vents on your car’s dashboard. All controls are available, and a power cord or auxiliary cable is easily accommodated.

It’s a simple, elegant, and cost effective solution to get your phone off the passenger seat and into view for seeing who’s trying to contact you. Operating popular apps like maps and streaming radio is a pleasure with the Clip & Go. In some regions, including California where our headquarters is located, using a suction cup on the car window is restricted or forbidden. Clipping on the vent is a good alternative when your window needs to be unobstructed. When traveling for business or pleasure the compact size of the Clip & Go makes it a perfect companion in your rental car…”

The Jack – $10.00

“The Jack has a sturdy square non-skid base, and a suction cup on a single arm to do just one thing really well -to hold your phone up where you can see it. The viewing angle is perfect for checking on mail, texts, videos, YouTube, FaceTime and all the rest you do, but hands free. The Jack has a flat square surface to attach a sticker or logo or the cool laser etched art we can add to make it your own. (Contact us for custom work in quantity). For just 10 bucks, you won’t believe how useful it is, and you’ll be helping create American jobs. What a thoughtful stocking stuffer.”

The Scooter – $15.00

“The Scooter has a sturdy square non-skid base, and 2 suction cups to secure your iPhone (or any smooth backed device) on the desktop, the windshield, the whiteboard or even your shoulder for those awkward moments when you need both hands. Suction cups at 45 and 60 degree angles let you choose the best way for you to text, watch videos, talk or just keep track of the world.”

They have several other products as well and are worth checking out.

Out of what I reviewed, my favorite is the Clip and Go – but all 3 provide serious utility.  With the Clip and Go plus my phone charger and the Waze app – I have a great navigation system in my car that I can now actually see.  The Scooter would also totally work but in my state (California) the unit would have to be mounted to the windshield in a place inconvenient for a power cord.  Since the maps apps tend to hog the battery, having constant power is a must.  So, the vent mount Clip and Go gets the prize.

The Jack and the Scooter have found a home on my desktop and at the table for use while watching video on my phone and as a quick stand while my phone is synching.  The suction cup is strong but releases easily by pulling up on the little tab.  Again, they are very easy and very functional and very affordable.  The bottom line is that they work well and I’d recommend any of these products.

See the video below for a quick demo of the Clip and Go in action.


Hands On: Insanely Great Products 2

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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