7 Fictional Schools We All Wish Were Real

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There are some schools that appear on television and in films that, whether you’re 13 or 30, you wish were real. Whether it’s the setting, what you get to do there or just the awesome people, we have collectively spent millions of hours yearning to have been at these fictional schools, rather than at our real schools, workplaces or sofas merely watching them on TV.

Here are the seven schools from the big and small screen that we all wish were real:

1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

There is not a single child, teen or adult who has not at some point in their lives wished their Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance would finally be dropped on their living room carpet by an owl. Being a witch or wizard is only part of it – the fact you get to live in a castle and be served amazing food every mealtime is the awesome bit.

2. St Trinians

No proper lessons? Check. Free run of the school? Check. Nationally feared and awed? Check. Everyone loves a bad girl, and, well, what use is learning if you can’t use it to conduct a heist, or get rich and have fun?

3. Xavier Institute/Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

This school has gone through many names in the past, but either way, going here you get to live in a mansion with the X-Men. The world may not accept you, but you’re sure to find someone equally as fit and freaky here.

4. Horace Green Elementary

Okay, this school wasn’t exactly fun before Mr Schneebly got his hands on it, but we sure as heck wanted to be part of his School of Rock. With classroom rewards of extra long breaks and watching music videos, coupled with being able to rock out with Jack Black and go all stealth on the other teachers? Yes please!

5. Bronson Alcott High School

While this school’s students may be completely and utterly Clueless, it always seemed like it’d be a pretty awesome place to learn. Grumpy teachers are fixed with a simple bit of matchmaking, and there’s not much more than a bit of friendly banter between classmates. If only every school was this happy…

6. McKinley High

Okay, you might have to deal with the wrath of Sue Sylvester and a bit of Slushie-ing, but life at McKinley High seems overall pretty endearing. A place where it’s not bizarre for jocks, cheerleaders and outsiders to come together and sing awesome renditions of every sort of song imaginable (excluding Mr Scheuster’s rapping. Someone needs to stop that).

7. Sunnydale High

It may be situated on top of the Hellmouth, but it’s also a pretty amazing place to be. What geek didn’t want to kick vampires’ asses with Buffy, geek out with Willow and Giles, and be there to laugh at Xander? Oh, and fall in love with Angel/Spike/Cordelia/Faith. Hey, you might be at risk from dying in a bloody attack at any moment, but Sunnydale High looks like fun, and survival of the fittest is a pretty good way to go about motivating pupils!

What TV and movie schools did you want to go to?

7 Fictional Schools We All Wish Were Real 3
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7 Fictional Schools We All Wish Were Real 5

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