The Best Mobile Apps to Help You Pass Your Classes

While attending school, students should use everything possible to make college work smoothly for them. Taking advantage of opportunities means that the person is getting as much out of class, lectures, and community events as humanly possible.

Generally, cellular phones and PC tablets are seen as a distraction from school; however, in recent years the development of computerized applications for phones has made work and school a little easier.

Luckily, with the development of technology there are more tools than ever to help make college a success. Mobile applications have been created by software developers and can be a good investment for the student who is trying to get high marks in class. Here is a list of mobile applications that can present students with a positive classroom learning edge.

Mental Case

One great college app creates both audio and visual flash cards for classes. Mental Case is an application that generates digital Flash cards to go over at any time. Flash cards are a good way to commit items to memory for language classes, definitions, and charts and figures that must be memorized. The flash cards are a convenient way to go over the test material before class without having to sort through a notebook or find information in a book.

Sleep Cycle

The college lifestyle is known to create a lack of sleep. Long nights studying and working can take a toll on health and have a damaging fact on how well students perform in class. The application Sleep Cycle tracks body movements while asleep and calculates the perfect time to wake each person.

To properly use the sleep cycle app, it needs to be placed on the bed of the sleeping individual. In your lightest Sleep Cycle the alarm will sound, allowing students to make it to the early morning classes. The Sleep Cycle alarm is one that will help wake students in a manner that will not leave them groggy and allow them to participate in classes and events more alert.


Access to lectures, notes and files is a must have for school. Having access to notes, readings, and communication electronically means that studying can take place anywhere there is cellular phone or computer access. Dropbox is an application that allows students to drop electronic files in a secure location.

Dropbox can be downloaded on a cell phone or tablet and can be placed on a computer desktop.  The Dropbox application requires password access so that no one will be able to access a student’s personal records and files. Dropbox is also an excellent application to back up any important papers. Dropbox is all online, so there is no risk of losing any significant documents in a computer crash is completely eradicated. Dropbox can also be shared, so student and class groups can have access to projects if necessary.

Becoming a successful student means putting time and dedication into studies and participation in the college community. Computer and phone applications can offer students easier methods for reviewing materials so that the fullest amount of time, energy and commitment towards school and being the best student possible.

Drew Hendrickshttp://p0g.com
Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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