Carbs Help You Lose Weight: Why

Grain products are often baked, and are rich s...Carbs help you lose weight! Seems to be untrue. But it is a hidden secret that you can include carbs in your diet and lose weight. Several researches show that carbs rich in resistant starch like whole grains, legumes and beans burn calories. While selecting whole grain food remembers that the product qualifies o be whole grain only if it consists of 51 % of whole grain flour. A research has revealed that slim people consume more carbs than the fat people. The study concluded that if your diet consists of 64% of carb your chances of staying slim are more than the people who do not consume carbs. But this holds true only for carbs which have resistant starch in them. The reason that carb enable you to lose weight are

Carbs make you feel full
This happens as crabs suppress appetite because the body digests them very slowly in comparison to protein or fat. This leads to triggering of a sensation of fullness in your stomach as well as brain.

Carbs helps in curbing your hunger
Researches and various studies show that when liberal quantity of resistant starch and fiber are included in the diet of people who take low carb diet their craving subsides in 2 days. This happens as the resistant starch and fiber satisfies their cravings as well as makes them feel full. Carbs trigger the release of satiety hormones which suppress hunger and increases metabolism.

Carbs increase metabolism
Carbs which have high quantity of resistant starch increase your metabolism and other fat burner enzymes. This is because fatty acids are released by the resistant starch as it moves in the digestive system. These fatty acids make the belly fat burn. These fatty acids also build and conserve muscle mass which further increase metabolism and thus makes you lose weight. Satiety hormones are released by few carbs which help in increasing metabolism.

Carbs blast belly fat
When diet loaded with resistant starch is consumed the activity of the enzymes which burn fat increases and the activity of the enzymes which stores fat decreases. Due to this the belly cells store less fat and instead burnt them. It has been proved by studies that carbs enable you in lose belly fat faster than any other foods.

Carbs makes you feel content
Carbs keep you content for a long time in comparison to other foods. This happens because foods which are rich in resistant starch release hormones which give the feeling of fullness in your body. This reduces carvings and hunger thus making you eat less and losing weight.
Diets rich in crabs enable people to lose weight along with consuming balanced diet. This gives them a feeling of well being.

Thus including carbs in your diet in the right amount and right way can help you in losing weight. Along with this a diet rich in carbs also helps in controlling diabetes and blood sugar.


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  1. That’s not true- not having carbs makes your body into a fat burning machine and you loose weight quicker like that

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