10 Ways to be Funny, but not Annoying at Your Next Party

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s set the scene: You have plans to host a big party this weekend and are hoping to make a good impression. That includes being polite, kind and of course — funny!

Being funny doesn’t come naturally to everyone, however. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here are some easy ways to funny — but not annoying — at your next party.

1. Give yourself an opportunity for laughter
You need to set the stage for laughter. Pick out a unique outfit, put on some quirky music, and of course, have some adult beverages ready to go. A little confidence juice always does the trick.

2. It’s all about the facial expression
You may not realize it, but many of life’s little incidents are funnier than they seem to you. But to evoke that humor, you need to use exaggerated facial expressions.

That means raising your eyebrows past your forehead, smiling wider than your ears and opening your eyes as wide as possible.

Think of these facial expressions as an exclamation point to everything you say.

3. Props aren’t a bad idea
But they’re they’re definitely not the best idea.

A prop is actually a little similar to facial expressions, but remember — your prop (or facial expression for the fact) is only as good as your story. If your story is really funny, a prop will only make it funnier and emphasize your point even more.

4. Make sure to remember your most humorous stories
Your most humorous stories are the best fodder for a self-hosted party. Don’t forget these stories!

Now the real question is, what is considered a funny story? The easiest answer? The ones that made you scratch your head, smile and chuckle to yourself. Most of the time, these are the stories that are real-life incidents that happen to everyone, but they can never figure out why.

Maybe it’s as simple as someone tripping outside of the grocery store and splattering their eggs everywhere. Or maybe it’s a guy who ran into the coffee shop without paying the parking meter, and coming out two minutes later to see a cop writing a ticket.

This leads me to my next point:

5. Make up a good story
Can you make my parking ticket story funnier? I’m sure you can. I didn’t put much effort into it.

Don’t be afraid to make up a great story, just make sure to deliver it confidently. You might even need some backup in the case of specific questions.

Don’t be afraid of the made-up story!

6. Extra important: Don’t Laugh at Your Own Jokes
Laughing at your own jokes is about as funny as a librarian behind the book check-out desk. Plain an simple: DON’T DO IT!

7. And Don’t Go Overboard
In addition to not laughing at your own jokes, don’t go overboard on jokes.

One joke is great, another is funnier, and a third can be absolutely hilarious!

But a fourth can kill the entire mood. A fifth can end the party.

You don’t even want to know what a sixth can do.

The moral of the story? Take it easy with the jokes.

8. Watch Your Party Guests
A party is the perfect opportunity for some laughs, but you need to pay attention to your guests.

Watch how people are walking (bouncy?), talking (lots of hand movements?) and flirting (any weird touching going on?).

As a warning, don’t be mean to these people, instead, point out what they were doing and smile at them. If there’s a crowd around you, there could be some potential for laughs.

9. At the Very Least, Entertain Your Guests
This can mean playing a hilarious YouTube video or putting on a funny movie. It can also mean playing a humorous, self-written song on your guitar.

Scratch the first two. Write a hilarious song for you party guests. And make sure it’s really good.

10. Make Fun of Yourself
If you’re nervous about pointing out your guests’ funny anecdotes, then do the number one tip to be funny: Make fun of yourself.

Point out how you embarrassed yourself in front of your boss, how you tripped at the mall, or how your mom walked in on you… studying for your big test.

Just kidding.


Author Bio: Frank Heaves works for Aussie Comedians, an entertainment company out of New South Wales, Australia.

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