Zombie Businesses: Four Companies That Came Back To Life After Almost Dying

It is not unusual to see a business struggle, especially in the early stages.  Some will go on to recover and prosper while others will perish.  What is not usual, however, is seeing a well established, well known and well loved company struggle.  Not just struggle, but be on the verge of total destruction.  Though uncommon, we’ve all seen it happen; most recently, we’ve seen it happen to Hostess, the brand behind the popular Twinkie snack cake.

In 1985, Apple fired Steve Jobs.  Soon after, the company started in a downward spiral that made them irrelevant as PC’s and Windows based products stormed the market place.  Despite their best efforts, it was not until almost twelve years later when Steve Jobs was rehired that the company began to slowly make its return.  Today, Apple sits high at the top of the technology pyramid.

Lego, Ford, and Old Spice, some of our most beloved products, had similar instances in which they were on the brink of collapse.  For Lego, it was the realization that they had their hand in too many pots, figuratively speaking, that aided in their return.  While Ford took a huge risk that paid off and Old Spice realized they needed to expand their market.

Take a look at this infographic, presented by BestAccountingSchools, as it details the demise and the ultimate return of these four companies.

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