7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kid’s Bedroom Organized

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There’s no doubt about it, most of our kids’ bedrooms are a far cry from the perfect, mess-free play space we always see in parenting magazines, clothes and toys spread in perfect distribution all over the floor. It always seems like there is never enough storage space to keep their things in order, even when you have done the obligatory cleanse of too-small clothes and unused toys.

But with a few simple tips and tricks a little tidiness is possible. Here are 7 ways to do it…

1.       Give them their own laundry basket. If you just have a communal basket, it’s going to be difficult to convince your little ones to make the long, long journey down the hall to the bathroom with their dirty clothes, especially when they’re half asleep. Have a laundry bag in their bedroom and they have no excuse.

2.       Make sure everything is child’s height. Adult storage solutions are really difficult for kids to use – often they can pull things down, making a giant mess in the process, but aren’t tall enough to put things away. Lower the wardrobe rails, make sure to only invest in specially-made children’s bedroom furniture they can reach, and only stack boxes to a safe, manageable height.

3.       Store toys in removable drawers. Small plastic drawer sets, and open basket storage units (where small baskets are held at an angle over two or three tiers so the child can see what’s in them) trump the traditional toy box. Using these kinds of storage units means you can keep one type of toy in each, and remove just that drawer or basket for them to play with – simpler for tidying up purposes. Bonus tip: before they pull out another drawer, they have to put the first one back again, toys included.

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4.       Label everything. Never again will “But I don’t know where it goes, mummy,” be an acceptable excuse! Label each drawer or basket by type of toy, for example, ‘Legos’, ‘Barbies’, ‘colouring books’, and ‘toy cars,’ in large, clear handwriting. If they’re below reading age, put a simple picture of the item on the outside of the drawer too – they’ll know what goes where and learn to recognise and read these words too!

5.       Organise their clothes in outfits, by day. If your little one’s morning routine typically includes pulling half their clothes off their shelves as they decide what they want to wear, try organising outfits by day. Get a slim, plastic unit with at least 7 drawers, or a set of hanging shelves sectioned off into 7 sections with ribbons, and label the drawers or ribbons Monday to Sunday. On a Sunday afternoon, get your child to decide what they want to wear each day of the week, and place each day’s clothes in the respective drawer or section of the wardrobe.

6.       Create a ‘toy library’. We all know how quickly kid’s favourite things change, whether it’s their clothes, toys or best friends! Simply put their less frequently used toys in a box and store is wherever you have space – under the children’s bed, on a high shelf or in the attic. When they become bored with their current favourite toys, simply swap them for whatever they want from the ‘toy library.’

7.       Store books in boxes. Bookcases can make it hard for younger children to find things, meaning they’ll often pull most of the contents of the bookshelf off to grab what they want. Store books in boxes with the spine facing up, making sure the box isn’t so full it’s hard to pull a book out. This way they can flip through the books, pull out the one they want, and then just pop it back in when they’re done.

Do you have any more smart tips on organising kids’ rooms to share?

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