The History Behind the Bathtub

In the past, taking a bath was a luxury that many individuals were not able to afford. Now with the advent of indoor plumbing and water heating systems, it is now common for many homes to have one. What this means then is that taking a bath is no longer reserved for expensive holidays and is in fact what many look forward to after a long day of work.

Today, there are now all kinds of styles available to choose from ordinary tubs to more elaborate ones made from exotic materials. Now it is not uncommon for households to have bathtubs along with hand made bath products for the home. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity for many homes and one that many families could not live without.

Modern day styles of bathtubs

There are two common styles of bathtubs which are now prevalent in modern day culture. Western style bathtubs are generally shallow and long so as to allow the bather to lie down. Eastern style bathtubs are designed to be short and deep so as to allow the bather to stand up.

Modern day bathtubs are typically made from fiberglass but there are also ones available made from cast iron or even wood. In the past, bathtubs were simply a large container filled with hot water but now these typically have water taps mounted on them with waste drains for convenience. While most bathtubs are rectangular in shape, many creative minds have created tubs with all sorts of designs.

Regardless of the style, it’s easy to take these creations for granted as they are so commonplace now that we hardly even think about the history behind them.

Discovery of the first bathtub

History records are notorious for being inaccurate and such is the case with the history of the bathtub as pinpointing exactly when they were discovered is difficult. As early as 3,300 BC, intricate plumbing systems were discovered beneath a palace in ancient India.

However, one of the earliest personal bathtubs was made from hardened pottery and was discovered on the Isle of Crete. It is believed that this was the tub that became the predecessor to the clawfoot tub of the 19th century which is what many households today have.

The clawfoot tub

The clawfoot tub was originally made from cast iron but modern day bathtubs are commonly made from fiberglass or acrylic. There are even more exotic bathtubs made from rock crystals or marble but these are generally much more expensive.

Bathtubs were once a luxury item that only a few households could afford but modern technology and better processes have made them much more affordable. They have become so commonplace that it is hard to imagine a household without one.

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