Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets for Thanksgiving

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he mad rush of Thanksgiving can test your wits and patience to breaking point, especially if you are one who is called upon, or nominates yourself, to do that all-important task of preparing and serving the food.

Whether you have decided to go down the traditional turkey route or you are going to venture off onto a slightly more adventurous and exotic route, you are going need to have done your planning beforehand. Believe me, just getting up on the day and attempting to plough your way through on sheer will-power alone is a sure fire way to be in bed by late afternoon nursing a migraine and a nervous disposition.

Luckily there are a few tools, gadgets and gizmos that can really ease the burden of having to provide a feast of epic proportions, and with the big day fast approaching, I thought I would list some of them here for anyone who is interested.

So let’s lighten the collective load…

Three-Tier Oven Rack

Available from the good folks over at Nifty Home Products, this is a simple idea that can help you solve the eternal space-to-shelves-to-turkey riddle. The makers claim that this product is capable of holding three “heavy casseroles” so you should still be able to feed the five thousand. Another very handy feature is that the whole contraption folds flat for storage purposes.

Talking thermometer

This is a great product form Oregon Scientific which can help you avoid having to be less sociable then you would like to be on account of having to run back and forth to make sure the meat is cooking at the right temperature.

Not only does this thermometer have a wireless display that works up to 330 feet away from the actual probe itself, but it will give you audio updates on the cooking process. This is sure to remove a whole level of stress and allow you to loosen up, relax and actually join in the family festivities.


This is a great website that can really reduce your Thanksgiving planning blues. This free site not only allows you to save a whole plethora of different recipes from other web pages but it will then create you a customised shopping list of everything you need to make it all happen.

This is for all of those people, like myself, who always seem to forget something key and have to make a mad, last minute dash to Wholefood’s, all flustered and stressed out. It is not something I enjoy doing to be honest.

An indoor or outdoor turkey fryer

That’s right, now you can buy machines that will take care of the most integral part of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. There are a number of different models that are available depending on what kind of thing you are after here.

You can either go for an indoor, electric variety that will generally be able to tackle a 14 pound bird at a rate of about 4 minutes per pound, or you could get yourself a propane powered, outdoor variety that will take a little longer but be  somewhat cheaper to run.

You should be able to get most of these products at your local kitchen discount centre for a relatively good price, or failing that you could just head to the all-powerful Amazon.

You shouldn’t just assume that all of these products will be helpful for you though; have a real think about how you operate when performing a complex cooking operation. When it comes to gadgets to help out in the kitchen, design and usability are really important. The wrong tools may actually slow you down if you don’t find them intuitive!

Anyone else got any life-saving Thanksgiving gadgets that they can share to make all of our lives just a little easier? Unique recipe ideas a bonus!

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Estelle Pagehttp://www.gkbcinc.com
Estelle Page is an interior designer with an affinity for luxury, eco-friendly home design. She lives in Sussex with her husband and two kids but is continually moving home, just for the fun of always having a decoration project on the go!

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[…] for a range of gadgets that are space efficient while providing maximum speed. Check out my blog on time-saving kitchen gadgets for examples already in […]

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