[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he common notion about Golf game among people is that it doesn’t require much physical fitness unlike other sports. The reasons why people draw this inference are due to the fact that golf players are not seen moving much around the golf course, they take limited swing and follow them with limited steps. But these are wrong notions about the golf players. Unlike the other games, golf does involve exertion and physical stress, which is simply caused by following the ball that the players have swung. To counter the physical stress and exertion, the players need to be fit. There are few specific exercises, which can help you gain the right fitness level and also support you in improving your golf game. Few of these are discussed below:

Try Yoga
Yoga is considered as a number one exercise which golfers can consider to reduce the injury risk along with supporting their motion range. While beginning the workouts, the most common mistake people commit is to ignore stretching beforehand. Yoga can help you in loosening your body. This will therefore help your body to fulfill all those requirements which your body could be missing.

Carry out the Twist
Among the most used body part in the sports of golf is your lower back. The back injuries are among the most miserable experiences for any sportsperson to encounter. The best method to avoid these is to keep your body back portion always conditioned. This can be carried out by trying straight leg, toe touches, sit ups and doing some bicep curls. But at the same time, the best exercise for you to include is lower back twist carried out with several amount of repetitions. In order to do this, you need to lie down over the ground level and then cross your right leg over the left leg. Now, as you grip your right leg with the help of left hand, you slowly have to pull that particular knee in the downward direction (to the ground). This causes a twist over your spine, thus making your back more flexible with this particular exercise over time.

Focus on the Glutes
In order to make your swings steady and strong you need to make your glutes firm and toned. The squats and lounges are among the two best methods to do for shaping up the glutes. For the squats, you simply have to stand using your feet apart and carry out the squat (bend) as low as possible assuring a fact that your feet simply remains behind the toes. Trying Bulgarian squat can be a wonderful option for building up the glutes and hamstring.

Go for Jogging
Jogging is also one of the best ways to maintain your physical fitness along with improving your golf game. There could be times when running or walking may not be required to chase each and every hole, however, any average golf game last for several hours where you need to walk to some extent. Also, you can even try walking or running over your treadmills twice or thrice in a week along with trying some other physical fitness exercises to get the stamina for the game.

Final Word
Trying these simple to do exercises, you not only keep yourself physically fit but at the same time excel in your golf game. All you need to do is to incorporate some of these exercises in your daily or weekly schedule and reap the benefits.


About The Author: Alia is a journalist and blogger. She is a contributor to several sites such as York Prep.

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