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Learning new skills can be terrifying. For people new to programming, possibly the biggest issue with breaking into the coding world is that they don’t know what they don’t know! Treehouse takes away all of the worry. Instead of trying to find the best resources, sorting out the awful ones, and figuring out where to start and what to learn next, simply sign up for Treehouse, and learn away!

Hundreds of Videos

Treehouse offers users 650 plus videos, on almost every subject a programmer could dream up. With videos added every week, users are sure to be kept up-to-date on the latest practices and tricks of the trade.

Treehouse shows users exactly how to build ideas for the web or for mobile devices. Their short, focused videos offer users exactly what they need, right when they need it–nothing more and nothing less.

Learn By Doing

The Treehouse video library, though extensive, is just the beginning. Users are offered amazing quizzes and code challenge to put skills learned to the test while earning badges. Through quizzes, users ensure that they gain hands-on experience, and are able to start applying their skills right away. These challenges allow users to feel confident in their abilities, so new and old programmers alike are ready to put their skills to use in the real world!

View from Anywhere

All of Treehouse’s offerings are available to users anywhere: computers, tablets, or even phones! By streaming videos from anywhere with internet connection or downloading for learning on the go, there are no limits to learning. With no viewing or download limits, this type of learning allows users to take courses until they fully understand the code–and are able to revisit trouble areas at any time they like.


Possibly the best part of Treehouse is that it users are guaranteed to love it. Treehouse shows users exactly how to build their big ideas using laser focused videos. Treehouse is so sure users will love it that they offer a guarantee. If in thirty days users don’t love it, Treehouse will give their money back, no questions asked.

Get Started Today

Instead of waiting for the next semester to roll around at the local college, or sifting through endless tutorials on YouTube that claim to offer hassle-free learning (but certainly do not), learn code the simple way. With hundreds of videos, great quizzes and interactive challenges, the ability to learn from anywhere, and a guarantee it will work for any user, Treehouse is the best way to learn code on the Internet today!

Start learning, practicing, and actually coding right now with the exceptional Treehouse team.

Learn to Code With Treehouse 2
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