NFL Week 8 – Predictions

TB @ MIN – Josh Freeman and crew visit Ponder at Ponder’s house…  OK, it’s a little early to call it his, so we’ll go with A. Pete’s place.  Anyway, though I like some of what I’ve seen from the Bucs, I don’t think they can muster enough offense to beat the Vikings.  I expect to see a couple TD’s from Peterson and some continued good play from Ponder.  Freeman may get a couple TDs as well but not enough to top the Vikings.

CAR @ CHI – Some people are really down on Cam right now.  I’ve never talked to the guy so, I won’t go after his character or anything but he’s not putting up the Wins this year.  Chicago’s defense looks strong enough to shut down the Carolina offense so I’m thinking the Bears are going to put a hurting on the panthers.

SD @ CLE – San Diego is slightly favored in this one but I don’t buy it.  Cleveland is only 1 – 6 this year but I think they are going to take down the chargers in this one.  Cleveland has lost to some pretty decent teams this year and I just don’t have that high a feeling on this year’s version of the Chargers.  San Diego is a great city but their football team is not going to get it done this week.

SEA @ DET – This one is a toss-up – Detroit is at home so they get a bit of an edge.  Their first halves have been dismal this year and Seattle’s Defense has played some great football (averaging 212 passing yards and 85 rushing yards per game).  Detroit lost Burleson to a broken leg and has signed Robiskie, so their wide receiver situation… stays almost the same.  The other receivers are just decoys so Megatron can get open.  Chicago’s Tillman defended him well and I’m wondering if Seattle’s DBs can do the same.  I’m going to say Yes, they can and I count on the Seahawks to get this victory at Detroit.

JAX @ GB – The poor Jaguars.  Can they have another bye week?  Green Bay should crush Jacksonville this week.  The Jags need a healthy MJD and many, many other things to go well before they can take down the Packers.  Not going to happen this week as Green Bay tries to keep pace with what appears to be the strongest division in the NFC.  Sorry NFC west fans, your division has improved but I think we’re seeing the cream rise to the top (SF) while the others slowly slide down the charts.  Green Bay should win Big in this one.  Is it time for a new Jags GM?  We’ll see on Monday.

MIA @ NYJ – The Jets are coming off a very close loss to the rival Patriots and are now facing another Division foe, the Dolphins.  These are the 2nd place Dolphins…the Dolphins coming off the bye week.  Even though this game is @ the Jets’ house, I give the slight edge to Miami.  They have had time to prepare.  They should be fully ready for this one.  The Jets have to be reeling from a much worse start than they probably expected.  Tannehill and Bush should rack up some points this week and get the Win.

ATL @ PHI – The Dynasty takes the field this week against the undefeated Atlanta Falcons.  At 3 and 3, Philly’s record does not look that impressive but I think they are going to take down Atlanta.  I’d really like another team to go undefeated all year so that we can stop watching the old Dolphins celebrate when a team loses but I think Philly has the edge this week.  “But, wait!” you say.  “The ATL is coming off a bye week.”  I reply, “Yes, but so are the Eagles.”  So, both teams are rested.  Both want the win.  Neither defense is terribly impressive but I will say Atlanta likes to give up the rushing yards.  Look for both Vick and McCoy to rack up the yards.


WAS @ PIT – The Pittsburgh Steelers in their old school, inmate style, throwback unis take on RGIII and the Redskins (have you seen our facebook poll about the Redskins name?  Check our Facebook page to vote).   Pittsburgh actually looked pretty good in the 2nd half of last week’s game but RGIII, in my humble opinion, is a better QB than Dalton.  Plus, the kid has a ton of speed and is a risk to always bust out a long run.   The Steelers will have to crowd the box and maybe even have a db stay close to spy on the speedy QB.  That may leave the receivers open for big gains.  Polamalu is still out and even though he’s a fan favorite, that won’t help while his watching the game from the sidelines.  Big Ben is no slouch and Washington has been giving up big points to passers – The passing defense ranked last for the last couple weeks and 30th the 3 weeks preceding.  I’m looking for a shootout between RGIII and Big Ben with the black and gold coming out on top.

NE @ STL – New England may not be the dominant force but they do have one of the best qbs around.  Saint Louis’ defense is still looking good but they still have the weaknesses on offense.  Brady will get pressured and may even cough up the ball but the Pats still look strong enough to take down the Rams.

IND @ TEN – What’s that?  Tennessee showed a spark of life last week?  Good for them.  Johnson rushed for huge yards?  That’s great… but slightly less impressive when you look at the rush defense of the Bills.  Hint: they are trending toward the bottom.  Uh, oh – Same with Indy.  For the last 3 weeks the Indy defense have given up approximately 136, 159, 142 yards rushing per game.  Not world beating performances.  Passing defense has been better for Indy though.  The Titans D has been pretty bad across the board but you have to give them a small edge since they are playing at home.  I’m going against the grain and am taking Andrew Luck and the Colts.  I think the Indy passing game matches up favorably against the Titans.  Johnson may have another nice game but it won’t be enough to stop the Colts.

OAK @ KC – KC is coming off a bye week and has a new QB.  That should give them enough of a spark to defeat the visiting Oakland Raiders.  Romeo needs to get this team back on the winning track or he’ll be ousted faster than Matt Cassel.

NYG @ DAL – The Giants head in to Dallas looking to avenge the week one loss they suffered against the Cowboys.  I think the Giants have shaken off any post-Super Bowl rust and are ready to take this win from the ‘boys.  This could be a close one though since the Dallas Passing Defense is actually pretty good.  It will be up to the Giant running game to carry the load.  I think they are up to the task but this is not a ‘gimme.’

NO @ DEN – This will be another high scoring affair by both teams with the Saints coming out on top.  Again, I’ll say that the Saints are not as bad as their record and Denver is still rebuilding despite adding the veteran Manning.  Denver is favored to win but I’ll take Drew Brees (another well liked athlete) and the rest of his New Orleans Saints team mates in this one.


SF @ ARI – Unfortunately the QB carousel continues at Arizona.  This week it looks like Skelton get the start against the SF 49ers.  Too bad for him.  This will likely be a long day of battles for both quarterbacks.  Both the 9ers and Cardinals have good pass defenses so I’m looking for Frank Gore to shoulder the scoring burden for the 9ers.  Despite this being a home game and a division rivalry game where really anything can happen, I look for San Francisco to win against Arizona.

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