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One of my favorite, albeit relatively brief, experiences at San Diego Comic Con last July was talking to the team at PenGo Creative about about their product, the PenGo BrushPen.  We spent some time talking about the product, various challenges, apps for iPads and Androids and I walked away feeling very positive about the people I talked to and about the product they were selling.

A couple weeks back, I received a BrushPen for review and have been using it with my iPad 2 for various drawing tasks.  I really like the feel of the pen and prefer it over others I’ve tried.

The BrushPen comes packaged with a 6mm tip, a 8mm tip and a brush tip which is where this pen will really ‘make it’s mark’ in the future.  The really cool thing about the brush tip, which we’ll hopefully see very soon on their Android application, is that as you press down on the brush it spreads out.  This spread out tip sends more signal to the capacitive screen and tells it “hey, I’m covering more area.” This would allow you to configure the software to make a wider line or a wash of color as you press down and move the pen.  I saw all of this at ComiCon on a jail broken iPad.  I was really hoping that with the recent release of iOS 6, we’d see this functionality.  However, when I recently checked with PenGo, they said that Apple had not yet opened up that toolbox.   I did hear that the PenGo Android app would be released soon so I’m checking back on their web site periodically to see if it’s ready to go.  More to come on that front.

In regard to the pen itself, as I mentioned, it feels great in my hand which is average in size.  I appreciate being able to select from multiple tips but there is one thing about the pen that is a little odd.  You can place the interchangeable tips on either end of the pen but there is only one cap.  Normally I wouldn’t call for a 2-cap pen but if I’m storing this in a bagc I want to cover both the tips so they don’t pick up pieces of dust or whatever before I run it across my screen.  No big deal though since I just mainly use one at a time.  The pen and the 3 tips retail for $29.99 according to the website.  I feel like this is pretty reasonable for what you get and really good once either the Android app comes out or the iPad is updated and you can take full advantage of the brush.

For an example of the pen in action, take a look at the following video (if any of you play the game “Draw Something” you may recognize the interface).  The video was shot with my iPhone 4S and sped up using the great software called Game Your Video.

Do you use any sort of pointing device, stylus or pen with your tablet?  Please share your favorites in the comments.

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