Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter

Anyone and everyone has a Twitter account these days. The social media site has inspired books, launched national campaigns and given the world a host of entertaining celebrities to follow, firmly rooting itself into popular culture.

Twitter is a great way to keep tabs on Lady Gaga, keep up-to-date with the current events and chat to your friends in 140 characters or less, but did you know that there are four legged friends of the stars who are also tweeting?

Here are five of the most famous pets on Twitter…

Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 1Name: Maggie May

Celebrity owner: Andy Murray

Twitter handle: @maggiemay_hem

Maggie May rose to fame after she was spotted on Twitter looking cute as a button while wearing owner Andy Murray’s 2012 Olympic medals around her neck. The prized pup has a companion, her half brother Rusty, and tweets about her tennis playing owner’s media appearances, plus plenty of photos of her and Rusty doing their daily doggy thang.

Top Tweet: My sources inform me that it would be helpful if the Olympic security at Wimbledon actually knew what ‘Aorangi’ was…


Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 2Name: Choupette

Celebrity owner: Karl Largerfeld

Twitter handle: @ChoupettesDiary

If Choupette ever appeared on Mastermind, her chosen specialist subject wouldn’t be flea treatment or Frontline for cats. Since her daddy is the iconic head designer for Chanel, Choupette prefers to tweet about her dislike of flip-flops and male models instead. A must-follow for fashion fanatics.

Top Tweet: Sometimes I think Daddy loves his gloves more than he loves me.


Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 3Name: Oprah Winfree

Celebrity owner: 50 Cent

Twitter handle: @oprahthedog

This foul mouthed pup belongs to rapper 50 Cent, and likes to tweet about threatening her owner with leaving ‘little presents’ on the floor if she doesn’t get her own way. She likes to be the centre of attention and has over 13,000 followers.

Top Tweet: My dad @50cent is putting out some HOT music over the next week! Makes me wanna go find the nearest fire hydrant!


Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 4Name: Meredith Swift

Celebrity owner: Taylor Swift

Twitter handle:  @Meredithkitty

This adorable kitten’s twitter account is technically handled by a Taylor Swift superfan, but the cute cat still manages to keep up with her country singer owner, tweeting about award ceremonies, cat food and her owner’s latest albums and press appearances.

Top Tweet: VMA dressing room report: exceptional cat food selection. SCORE.


Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 5Name: Boo the Dog

Celebrity owner: Duh, Boo is the celebrity

Twitter handle:  @BoothecutestDog

Boo the Dog doesn’t need a celebrity owner to make his mark online – he is the celebrity. The pup has millions of Facebook fans, his own book, a cuddly toy crafted in his image and, of course, a Twitter account. Most likely to be found tweeting about his hatred of cats, and providing his followers with interesting dog facts.

Top Tweet: #ThingsISayAlot woof, woof


Are there any other animals that you follow online? And what do you think about the trend for celebrity pets to have their own social media accounts? Let me know in the comments.


Top Five Famous Pets on Twitter 7
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