How to use Pinterest to Market Your Business

How to use Pinterest to Market Your Business 1Chances are if you talk to any woman these days, they will have used Pinterest or at least know what it is. And this is not an understatement in the slightest. Wired recently came out with a report last month noting that one out of every five women within the U.S. is a user of Pinterest. Women use this site to post everything from recipe ideas to wedding dresses. The possibilities are endless.

The report being referenced by Wired was compiled Pew Internet, a company that researches current internet trends. Of the women surveyed who regularly use the internet, 19 percent said that they use Pinterest on a routine basis.

There is no question that this site is exploding and shows no signs of slowing down. While the site had around 1 million users in July of 2011, by 2012, the number is current sitting around 23 million users.

Although Pinterest is not aiming to make any significant money off of its users just yet, it is a great way for businesses to score some additional traffic toward their website.

Here are some great ways you can use Pinterest to boost your business.

Talk About More than Your Business

The temptation for many businesses that create Pinterest accounts is to start creating pins which only discuss what they sell. This is the wrong way to do things and gain valuable traffic. Pinterest users can sense self-promotion like a shark can smell blood in the water. Instead of only promoting your own products, seek to offer other valuable information such as tips and promote other products outside of your own company. This shows that you are genuine and aren’t simply aiming to promote your business.

Use SEO to Your Advantage

Believe it or not, SEO techniques can be utilized for more than just your own website. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a great way to help your website’s rankings for certain keywords in the search engines. To help boost some traffic to your pins in the search results, tag your pins and boards with keywords you want to rank for. This not only makes your pins look great to search engines but will also draw in additional traffic from Pinterest users searching for that particular keyword.

Create Daily Themes

Daily themes are extremely popular among Pinterest users. PETAP online schools for business students use these themes to help promote their own brands. For instance, if you own a t-shirt business, start daily themes referencing subjects such as funniest t-shirt designs or favorite shirts for the fall season. Daily themes typically bring back repeat traffic since users are interested in what the new theme will be for the day.

How to use Pinterest to Market Your Business 2
How to use Pinterest to Market Your Business 4
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