Popular Wedding Centerpieces for 2012

As with any industry, the wedding industry sees its trends. What has been trending on social media is a creative mix of simple, contemporary and lavish designs. Whether you are getting married for 2012 or just planning, get to know a few of these trending wedding centerpieces and see if any of them inspire you for your special day.

Simple, Clean Centerpieces
2012 is all about simple and clean centerpieces. These feature a clear, small vase that is square or round, a small layer of water and a single stem flower. For summer weddings it seems that daisies, sunflowers and peonies are popular, while winter weddings stick to the traditional rose.

Bright, Bold, Singular Colors
A lot of brides are skipping multiple colors on their wedding palette and sticking to just one inspirational color. During the summer, orange and yellow are very popular, while fall sees deep greens and browns. Centerpieces feature a clear vase stuffed with a single color flower and no fillers (i.e. baby’s breath or ferns).

No Flowers
Some brides are getting savvy for 2012 weddings and skipping the costs associated with real, fresh-cut flowers. Instead, these brides are using candles as their centerpieces. While some brides pair their candles with stones, fruit or sea shells, others are letting their centerpieces focus on the ambiance of the candle and nothing more. Consider creating a centerpiece with a variety of sizes and shapes to add a little contrast for your wedding centerpieces.

Wine Bottles
If your wedding is already serving wine, incorporate your beverage service into your wedding centerpieces(http://www.eventswholesale.com/Ostrich-Feather-Centerpieces.htm). Some popular centerpieces trending on social media sites are showcasing wine bottles that have their labels replaced with table numbers. Now these bottles server a triple function: providing table numbers, beverage service and a wedding centerpiece.

Height, Height and More Height
Another popular trend for wedding centerpieces in 2012 is height. These centerpieces typically range from one foot to two feet tall and are composed of branches, beads and draped fabrics. Some brides will hang votive candles from the branches, while others will decorate the base with a few candles. These centerpieces work for outdoor and indoor weddings and can be used with a variety of color palettes and themes.

2012 has proven to be a year of trendy wedding centerpieces. More brides are moving away from the traditional flowers in vases and venturing into creative, but functional wedding centerpieces instead.

Drew Hendrickshttp://p0g.com
Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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