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If you love books like I do, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are several apps for book worms (people who love reading and collecting books). I can’t include them all here because there are many remarkable – free and paid – apps on the market. I’ll endeavour to list my top apps for book lovers (from the ones I’m most familiar with) and hope that you’ll share yours in the comments. The ones below may be obvious to some people, but the reason they’re recognisable is because so many people are already using them.

Top Apps for Book Lovers 1I had to start this list with Goodreads because my very own book is on the site. It’s extremely interactive and instructional, and different from most forums or other book-targeted websites on the web. The app is similar to the website, in that it offers an enormous cross-section of readers, niches, and best of all – books! You get a tremendous amount of support too. Recommend your favourite books, your lists, or your authors. Connect with other users and be introduced to their likes and get their recommendations. You’re sure to find great recommendations of books or authors you may have never discovered otherwise. There’s a nifty barcode scanner, which comes in quite handy for identifying titles and buying books.

Top Apps for Book Lovers 2No app list for book worms would be complete without this obvious one – iBooks. For the book lover, no amount of books is enough. The iBooks app is fundamentally an e-book reader and e-bookstore. Browse the books you’re interested in, search through reviews of other customers, peruse the blurbs, purchase the books that take your fancy, and read them from your app. As a plus, this app also has iCloud support. Additionally, you can make notes, highlight and bookmark. Did I mention iBooks is free?

Top Apps for Book Lovers 3I only found out about the free Kindle app on Apple’s devices after I purchased a Kindle. Read from anywhere, browse Amazon’s e-Books, purchase and read books on your Kindle app. The look and feel of the text is surprisingly eye-friendly. If you have an Apple device, you should be able to download the Kindle app.

Free Books
Top Apps for Book Lovers 4If you’re a bookworm who doesn’t like to spend too much money on books, the free books app is a wonderful addition to any of your Apple devices. There is a vast array of book which are now in the public domain. They include, but are not limited to classics written by Shakespeare, Austen, Tolstoy and Dickens.

Best of all, the Free Books app has a dictionary (so you could look up Tolstoy’s long words). You also have a DropBox integration so you can easily import other books from your existing library and read them there.

Are you a book lover? Have you got any of these apps downloaded? If not, why not? Can you share some of the other helpful bookworm apps you use and tell us why you’ve opted to have those instead of one of these listed here.

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About the author: This is a guest post written by James Jorner who loves to read. He also writes for www.opendoorloan.co.uk, a site that has link to quick loans.

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