Living room other view You may not judge a book from its cover but people might judge you from your pad! Whether you are inviting a beautiful girl over to your house or you are going to have a party with your buddies, how you decorate your pad tells visitors a lot more about you than you might think.

Aside from keeping it clean and tidy, the best way to impress is to show your character through the character of your home…


If you like having friends over regularly, it’s a good idea to have something that will keep them entertained. Even when on your own, having a distraction doesn’t hurt; after all, it’s your home, it’s where you wind down.

A billiard or a football table can be a lot of fun while a dartboard can be a great stress reliever.

A big TV is also a must – widescreen of course! Add a Blu-ray player, and possibly a gaming console which not only allows you to play games, but also to watch movies, listen to music or chat on Skype. Now grab a few beers and invite your friends over for the footie!

It just wouldn’t be good complete however without a surround sound system. It gives the right kick to those action movies.

Stylish and Cozy Lounge

As part of your living room furniture you could have a comfy reclining chair where you can just relax while you watch the latest movie of your favourite trilogy. A leather chair might give it a cool feel while looking also smart. Chandler-style Laz-Y-Boy anyone?

A sofa is almost a must. It’s usually the focal point of your lounge, especially if you plan on having a special lady visit you and want to be somewhat close… but no love seats please. Give your lady some room!

If you don’t care for dining tables as you just eat on the go, you might want to have at least a decent sized coffee table. It’s always good manners to offer something to your guests, so make it comfortable for them to eat – not everyone likes eating off their lap on the sofa!

You can also place some magazines on top of the table, as it shows you have some interests, but don’t make it look messy.

Another idea is to frame some vintage advertisement posters to hang on the wall, something pretty on-trend right now. Go for something that looks good and that isn’t too common, as it will add a nice touch to your house.

Are you into music? Put your guitar somewhere in the dining room. Make sure it isn’t in the way though; it’s supposed to be a decorative embellishment, not a nuisance.

Kitchen and Bar

If you have the space you could have a small bar, a small luxury that’s sure to impress!

Mix the right lighting with some good music and a well stocked reserve of drinks for the perfect home decor cocktail for your guests.

The main thing to remember is this: your pad needs to show your personality as well as having all the things you like and need on a daily basis. It has to be a place you are happy to live, as well as making your guests feel comfortable.

Just think of this, if you were to go to a friend’s house, what would you like to see and what wouldn’t you?

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About the author: James Duval is an IT specialist and expert in all things techy who is addicted to his Xbox. Given the choice, he would rather spend his days roaring around the world on his motorbike seeing the greatest architecture the globe has to offer. He lives for the sound of a great guitar riff, and a well written blog.

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