Intel Prepares to Launch Their New Windows 8 Tablets

Next week, Intel will be bringing all of the big names in technology– HP, Samsung, Dell, and many more– to introduce their new Windows 8 tablets on September 27th. The event will showcase the newest Intel-based tablets, as well as their latest processor, “Clover Trail.”

Clover Trail, a system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor, is promised to be more power-efficient than its processors. It is expected to be the only processor on the market to have both existing app support and connected standby and higher performance, graphics, and memory. Hundreds of apps are currently enabled for Windows 8, with more to come.

What to Expect with Windows 8 and Clover Trail

The new tablets Intel plans to showcase at next week’s event will have many improved features compared to other tablets on the market now. Some features include:

  • Improved Battery Life
  • Improved Connectivity
  • Windows 8
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Next Generation Intel Graphics
  • Power Efficiency
  • Windows Hosting

All tablets with Intel’s new chip will include Windows 8, which is capable of performing everything that a Windows 7 laptop can. When this new technology comes to the market, more people may choose the convenience of a tablet over a new laptop. According to Intel’s research, more than half of the current Windows users already plan to update to Windows 8 when it becomes available.

The lightweight (less than 1.5 pounds) tablets will be ideal for business, education, entertainment, and gaming. With HD graphics, 9 hour battery life, and security and manageability, they ought to perform as well, if not better than, its competitors’ tablets and even laptops. Windows is ideal for businesses because of its security, compatibility, and legal support. Alternatively, Intel’s new tablets’ high quality graphics, sound, camera, and flexibility will make them one of the preferred devices for entertainment and gaming.

The Windows 8 tablets will be able to easily connect to other devices and securely share content with other Intel devices in the same domain. They will also stream online or local media when connected to your TV.

This is an exciting time for PC computers as this system-on-a-chip processor is preparing to become available. Most of the tablets that will be showcased at next week’s event are set to be released late 2012 or early next year. More and more the focus is being taken from desktops and laptops and onto tablets.

The unveiling will be hosted by Intel’s general manager of Application Processor Platforms, Erik Reid at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Other companies in the PC world, such as Acer, Dell, HP, and Samsung, will also be showcasing their new devices at the event.

Drew Hendricks
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