Getting Ready for Season 3 of The Walking Dead

After hearing many friends and colleagues say great things about AMC’s The Walking Dead, I convinced my wife to watch Season 1 with me.  We fired up our Netflix streaming account on the Apple TV and watched Season 1 over the span of a couple months.  I think the show is fantastic although my wife finds it to be a little stressful.  Yes, it’s gory and dark but the story is interesting and I’m really interested to see what happens next.  I admit that even though I’m a huge comic fan, I haven’t read this series.  It doesn’t matter.  The TV show stands on its own and I can’t wait for season 3.   However, I haven’t yet watched season 2 so when we recently wrapped up the first season, I felt a little lost.  Netflix only had season 1 available on their streaming service.

This morning, waiting for me in my in-box, was an announcement from Netflix. They now have season 2 available as part of their streaming service – oh, Happy Monday!  If you’re not a Netflix customer, it’s easy to sign up.  In fairness, there is at least one other legitimate steaming options out there (Amazon) but generally it does not make economic sense to pay $1.99 per episode (approx $26) when you can stream all episodes for the monthly rate of $7.99.  This is especially true if you like any of the other Netflix streaming content.

If you’re caught up on the seasons thus far but you’re a Dish customer – AMC is making the season 3 premier available to you.

From their press release

New York, NY, September 28, 2012 – In response to DISH taking away its customers’ favorite scripted drama series on basic cable* – The Walking Dead – AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the hit show’s season three premiere episode on Sunday, October 14, at 9PM ET/6PM PT on amctv.com.  This streaming event will run concurrently with the television debut so DISH subscribers who are fans of the series can experience this highly-anticipated premiere at the same time it’s available to all other cable and satellite subscribers. 

Beginning Friday, September 28 at 9 AM ET, DISH subscribers can register for access to the free live stream of “The Walking Dead” at http://www.amctv.com/thewalkingdead4dish/.

Here is another consumer service (Dish) battling in public with content providers (AMC and other Cablevision entities) over contract issues.  I won’t attempt to speculate on who is in the right but would just point out that it seems to be the trend these days for TV providers and content providers to battle out in the open using the web and social media to play to public sympathy.

Regardless – if you’re dish customer, you can watch season 3 episode 1 by following the directions above.  Beyond episode 1, you’ll have to find other options.

If you’re not sure what to expect in Season 3, I can’t give away a lot of plot points.  I do know that the sword wielding, Michonne will be featured.  Here is a brief description from wikipedia

The third season of AMC’s television series The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere on October 14, 2012[1] and will feature 16 episodes.[2] The series is based on the series of comic books of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard; it was developed for television by Frank Darabont, and is executive produced by Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara. As in the comics, the season will be set in both an abandoned prison and an active rural town of survivors. It will introduce the characters from the comics, The Governor and Michonne.[3]


Like I said at the top – the show is dark and gory but entertaining.  The characters and story keep my attention and leave me wondering what I would do in a similar, yet admittedly unrealistic, situation.  If you need to catch up on Season 2 – you now have one additional (Netflix) option and if you’re with Dish, you can at least watch the season premier.  If you’re new and are starting with season 1 – try it out yourself before you consider letting your kids watch.  It’s sure to inspire some nightmares.

If you’re all caught up, check the AMC links above for further information and online only webisodes while you wait for the October 14 premier.  Happy Zombie hunting.

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