Flintshire Residents Conned by Door to Door Salesmen

Flintshire Residents Conned by Door to Door Salesmen 1After receiving many reports of dealers trying to sell memory foam mattresses to Flintshire residents, Trading Standards has been warning the community against buying from door to door salesmen.

The Mattress Dealers at Work

There have recently been multiple cases of traders making faulty sales in the Flintshire and Wrexham areas of northeast Wales. Residents have received cold calls and have been approached by salesmen who are trying to sell memory foam mattresses. These salesmen have been seen attempting sales out of vans around pubs and parking lots and going door to door to people’s houses saying that they have leftover mattresses to sell. The dealers make claims that the mattresses are worth much more than they are, and they become pushy and insistent if residents are uninterested or try to ignore them.

Trading Standards Takes Action

In any case, Trading Standards warns against buying items from door to door salesmen, or any kind of unofficial vendor. In these situations it is hard to tell if the vendor is trying to rip-off their customers or if their merchandise is faulty. The residents of Flintshire have been told that if they’re in doubt, keep them out!

Cold callers or dealers that knock on doors can become threatening in some cases. It is important to be wary of these kind of traders, not only because the individuals can be untrustworthy, but because there is a good chance that their products are unsafe or overpriced.

An Ongoing Problem

This instance of mattress dealers in Flintshire is not the first case of pushy conmen trying to sell items door to door. Last August, there was a surge of chainsaw sales in Dorset, England that nearly mirrored the events in Flintshire. In that case, the chainsaws were sold at a bargain price, but lacked many safety features. Because of the clear safety concerns, the Dorset City Council was very unnerved and urged their residents to avoid door to door salesmen.

Based on the nature of door to door sales, what you see isn’t always what you get. The products up for sale could have been stolen, possibly failed to pass safety regulations, or are being sold for much more than they’re worth, like the memory foam mattresses were.

So how can people recognize a scam? Here are a few things to consider when you’re making purchases:

  • Do you know who you’re buying from? Never buy a product from a representative or individual if there is no return address or phone number associated with them.
  • Don’t buy something if you felt like you were overly pressured by the salesman. Stop to consider if it is really something you want or if you’re just agreeing to buy it because you are uncomfortable.
  • Avoid dangerous items, especially if there are no safety instructions included.
  • Do you think that price is too good to be true? That’s because it probably is. If something is being sold for a ridiculously low price, that should be a red flag indicating the product is unsafe or faulty.
  • If you are spending more than $50, make sure that there is a return policy in place and that paperwork is completed properly for it.
Flintshire Residents Conned by Door to Door Salesmen 3
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