[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he NFL Football season kicked off yesterday and by now you should have completed your Fantasy football draft(s).  If you obsessively keep track of your team and your scores (like me) here are the tools I use to stay up to date and, of course, comment on the action.  (quick disclaimer: some of these require payment or a subscription.  This is not an affiliate post – I pay for these and use them on a regular basis and am in no way incented by these companies to share this information) In no particular order, please see my favorite 5:

CBS SportCaster

Recently renamed from SportCaster to CBS SportCaser – this app is great for in game information. It hooks in to twitter feeds for each game and keeps you up to date with up to the minute information about what is occurring on the field.  The app has a special ‘fantasy’ section that contains twitter content about, you guessed it, fantasy football as well as other sports.  The app allows you to view this twitter feedback without having to create your own saved searches or follow new people on twitter.  It’s like a nice temporary set of filters allowing you to get the information but no have to change your normal twitter set up.   Plus you have your normal scores and stats you would expect from any sports application for each game (scoring plays, in game stats for both teams).  SportCaster covers a lot more than just football but for the full social media (twitter) experience during the game this one is the best.

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FBG Mobile

Subscription required.  Football Guys are by far my favorite fantasy football information provider.  If you’re looking for stats and projections, this is where I go.  The Football Guys team is great and I’ve been following them for years.  Here are the features I use most on the app.  Articles – you can read all the articles/newsletters published by the group.   Depth charts – always important if you’re drafting backups for your players.  News – by player or by position.  Again, this would allow you to stay ahead of your competition to see who’s hurt,  suspended or if one of your guys is not ready to play.  All the content here is good though.  These are just the features I tend to use the most.

MFL 2012 – Myfantasyleague.com FFL league required.

Myfantasyleague.com has been the very best fantasy league provider in my experience.  I’ve tried ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, FOX, NFL and some open source tools I hosted myself.– No one beats myfantasyleague.com.  They have all the advanced scoring and tools necessary for the experienced fantasy football player/league and I’ve been participating on at least one league on the site for many years.  The one knock, there was no mobile app.  A couple years ago, that changed.  There are a few available and my favorite is MFL 2012. First off, you can submit your lineups from the app.  This is very handy if you are away from your computer. You can view live scoring during each game day and see news from across the league.  You’re also able to participate in your leagues message boards to talk smack to your opponents and let them know how much your team is going to destroy theirs.  As a side note, their desktop app (gameday) is the best.  What’s missing?  -I’d like to just be able to view news for just my own players.  Perhaps in a future update they’ll enable this.

ESPN ScoreCenter

This app ends up being my fall back app for all sports but it’s not just for fantasy football.  Nor does it have all the detail you might need to calculate your scores for all leagues (like IDPs).  What it does do well is keep you informed of all the games going on at the same time and the scoring alert system works very well.  If that is something you need, Scorecenter has worked well for me for years.  They also have a good news feed, in app videos, overall league standings, all stuff you’d expect to see.

NFL ‘12

Much like ESPN Score center you can subscribe to alerts for select NFL games – this would be redundant so I recommend picking one or the other.  NFL ’12 provides easy access to subscribe to your favorite team’s calendar – it will be added right along your other calendars on your iPhone.  In fact, much of the functionality centers around you selecting a favorite team.  News is divided up in to a) the whole league and b) your team.  In my case, it’s the Steelers so I see all the Steelers related updates under that view.  Steelers games also appear at the top of the list for each week’s slate of games.  Pretty handy if you’re a diehard fan of one team while also a FFL player (like me).  When viewing a particular game, you can view many of the game details (break downs of each play), stats about the game and individual players, and media from the game (recaps, big plays, and select photos).  One final nice feature is the “primetime” schedule where you can take a quick look at all the nationally televised games.  This is handy even for those DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscribers since (like me) because these games are aired separately.  It’s a good solid app but the one knock: the ads at the bottom need to go away.


I haven’t found THE ONE app for all my FFL needs but these 5 fit the bill pretty well  for now.  If you have some suggestions, please share in the comments.

Image via: nbc33tv.com

My Top 5 iOS Fantasy Football tools 2

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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