Great Blog Post Ideas for a Business Blog

Business blogs are becoming increasingly popular with many companies. A good business blog is one that is interactive and offers readers fresh and useful information. However, many people who write for business blogs soon run out of things to talk about.

The following are some ideas for creating blog posts for a business blog.

1. Ask questions
This is a great way of getting your readers to share their thoughts on your blog. You could create a question post asking readers to post a poll or leave comments. Make sure the post is somehow relevant to your business. However, once in a while, you could ask off topic and fun questions which would interest your audience.

2. Answer questions
Comments or emails sent by readers and customers can be a great source of blog post ideas. When one person has a question, they are probably a few others asking the same question. You could therefore use questions received to create several posts for your business blog. For instance, you could come up with a ‘Friday Questions’ post. This way, readers will look forward to getting their questions answered in detail.

3. Discuss your staff, office etc.
Give your readers an inside view of your business by taking them behind the scenes. This is a great way of making a personal connection with your customers, thus enhancing loyalty. Share stories and photos about your business, office or employees. Keep your readers updated on company activities or whatever else they would find interesting. You could also shoot videos of customers, events or staff for educational purposes or just for fun.

4. Critique or predict trends
Read what other experts in your industry are predicting and write a critique. Alternatively, you can make your own forecasts about future trends. Talking about trends will give your readers more insight into your industry and business. In addition, it gives them a chance to share their own opinions.

5. Invite guest bloggers
You could consider asking clients, employees or experts to contribute guest posts. Your visitors will be happy to read varying voices and opinions occasionally.

6. Reviews
The people who visit your business blog consider you to be an authority in your industry. You could therefore write reviews about specific services and products relevant to your industry. This will help your readers make an informed decision before purchasing anything.

7. Offer product demonstrations or tutorials
You could create a screencast tutorial or a video demonstrating how your products can be used. These are interactive and can be very effective for passing information.

8. Lists
You can write posts in form of lists simply for the fun of it or to educate your customer. For instance, you could create a list of interesting quotes related to your industry or profiles of the leading experts in your industry.


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