Flippa is the most popular online marketplace for sites. However, many individuals who list their sites end up not selling at all, or selling at a very low price. The following are some guidelines which will increase your chances of selling your site at a profit.

1. Ensure your site is generating money
This is very vital. If your site is making money, it will be much easier to sell it at a good price. You should therefore work at increasing your traffic, and thus raising your income levels. Once the income is significant and consistent, you can then list the site. For instance, if you are earning $450 from Google AdSense, the site could sell for up to $12,000. This means that the higher the revenue, the higher the value of the site. However, some of your prospective buyers will need to see data which proves your claims of revenue.

2. Have Google Analytics data
Before making an offer, some prospective buyers might want to evaluate your Google Analytics data. This will enable them to check your traffic levels to confirm if they match the revenues you have mentioned. Make sure you have data going back at least six or more months. This means you will need to have Google Analytics installed at least six months prior to the sale.

3. Enhance your trust rating
Buyers usually check the trust rating of Flippa members before making an offer. Having a high trust rating will increase the chances of finding a buyer for your site. There are several things you could do to enhance your trust rating. This includes verifying your phone number and linking your Flippa account with LinkedIn and Facebook.

4. Set a high minimum/low reserve bid
Setting a low reserve price encourages prospective buyers to place a bid. However, to avoid selling the site at a price lower than its value, you need to set a high minimum bid. This tactic will filter out non-serious buyers, and will also shield you from low bids.

5. Set your auction for 7 days
An auction on Flippa should ideally last for 7 days. This duration creates a sense of urgency and gives prospective buyers enough time to see your auction. If the auction length is too long, some potential buyers will take their time before placing their bids. Other people will see the auction but eventually forget about it.

6. Avoid exaggerating your description
If you exaggerate your description, you might appear desperate and people will doubt the value of your site. Some of the statements you need to avoid include ‘The chance of a lifetime!’, ‘Huge potential!’ and ‘Unlimited earning potential!’ You should also avoid hyping the potential earnings of the site. For instance, if you have a site generating $50 per month, don’t say ‘This site can easily earn you up to $5,000 every month’.

7. Reply to each comment
Even when your description is very clear, you are still likely to get queries in the comment section of your auction. You need to respond to each comment, since this will make your auction look credible and encourage potential buyers to make a bid.

About the author: Charles Mburugu is a HubSpot-certified content writer/marketer for B2B, B2C and SaaS companies. He has worked with brands such as GetResponse, Neil Patel, Shopify, 99 Designs, Oberlo, Salesforce and Condor. Check out his portfolio and connect on LinkedIn.

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