Top Five Social Media Icons of August 2012

If you’re customising your site, getting an eye-catching set of social media can really be the icing on the cake. Using boring, badly designed or simply overly popular icons can really affect the way people perceive your site and, if they’re bad enough, can even go some way towards discouraging further browsing or social sharing. As such, here’s a roundup of some of best social media icons on offer this month.

Bulb Social Media Icons

Top Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 1

These icons are great for both science and social media fans alike. Featuring a series of conical flasks that appear to have the icons of various popular social media platforms floating inside them in appropriately coloured fluids, they’ll definitely the eyes of visitors to your site.
Download Bulb social media icons

Sunshine Social Media Icons

Top Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 2

These Sunshine social media icons by are a great way to brighten up your site. Offering beautiful golden sunburst icons for some of the largest social media platforms around, they’re sure to make a great addition to any site you choose to use them on.
Download Sunshine social media icons

Simple Sticker Social IconsTop Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 3

They may be simple, but these social media icons are definitely beautiful in their simplicity. Offering a selection of sticker-shaped icons in an attractive orange gradient, they’re the perfect choice if you want some incredibly clickable social media icons.
Download Simple sticker social icons

Sparkling Social Media IconsTop Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 4

These icons present a mixture of familiar colours and motifs and combine them with sleek modern graphic design. This set sees the icons of various social media platforms embossed in a fetching against backgrounds of their brand colours, highlighted with a few signature gleams which give the collection its namesake.
Download sparkling social media icons

Neon Glow Social Icons

Top Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 5

These style social icons are great for use on a darker site or else to bring contrast to a lighter one. With black backgrounds highlighting the corresponding website’s logo in a golden neon glow, these icons are certainly a striking way to signpost your site’s social media.
Download neon glow social icons

Top Five Social Media Icons of August 2012 7
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