15 Minute App Review – algoriddim vjay

I had a chance to try out the algroriddim app, vjay, this week.  I used their djay app already (the free version) and have been impressed with some of the cool features so I was really excited to try out vjay.   It’s a unique application that allows you to mix videos like you would music on a DJ application.  Unique and cool.

Entertainment Value 4/5

I’m not sure there’s really another application like it and I had a lot of fun mixing together different Steeler videos.  Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow with mixed a YouTube video of the Steelers from the 70s was a favorite.  With some practice, it’ll not only be entertaining for me but for others as well.   Maybe I’ll mix together a little something for my oldest daughter’s wedding next year.

At $9.99, it’s somewhat pricey for an iPad app but if you’re looking for a video DJ app, this is it. Stop here.  You found it.

Ease of Use 3/5

Algoriddim makes a nice UI that’s easy to figure out without any training. I was bit crushing looping and reversing in no time.  The basic limit is my video library and my imagination.  I would like to see a turntable on the UI or some way to “scratch” the videos.  That may clutter the screen some but could be a nice add.  The other thing I’d like to see is an easier way to queue videos so you can see what’s next.

Hooking in to my Apple TV to broadcast my videos was simple but the wifi connection led to some laggy video and slightly poor quality at times.  For important stuff, I’d hardwire it.

Likelihood of Replay 5/5

I will certainly continue to use this app.  Again, there’s nothing like it out there quite like it and these kinds of apps really strike a chord with me.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Nice UI by algoriddim and there’s no sound needs other than what you feed in, so “sound” is not really applicable.  I would like to see more output options in terms of video qualty or even storage – the exported video files are 640 by360 and 25 fps.  I exported a video that ran 4minutes 03 seconds and the Quick time file size was approx. 127 MB.

Overall 4/5

Great application that is fun and easy to use.  With a few small modifications I’d give it a 5 of 5.

Suggestions –

1. Let me know when I’m low on space.

2. Give me a turn table on the UI somewhere

3. Show me a play list/videolist.

4. Let me export diff qualities.

5. Let me export to dropbox or box.net etc.

Where to Get it

it’s 9.99 and you can get it Here.

Check the video for some screen shots and hands on use.

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