4 Ways To Thank Friends and Family Members That Help You Move

You would think that with the economy the way it is, cash is king. But this isn’t necessarily the only or top option when it comes to showing your gratitude toward a friend or family member.

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If after a recent move you now wish to thank those who helped and contributed to the success of it, we have a few ideas and tips in mind that we think you might appreciate. These are all low cost ideas that only require your time, a bit of elbow grease and a lot of love. Choose one or all and have a merry good time showing your gratitude, then when you move next time – you’ll have a long line of willing participants all over again.

House Party –

Who doesn’t love a good party? Especially one you’re invited to and don’t have to clean up after. How about throwing a nice house party where all those that helped you move can grab some grub, have a few drinks and maybe play a few board games afterwards. Monopoly anyone? This is a fun way to thank everyone and not give out cash directly which always seems a bit too bland. A house party doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg either; you could order pizza, make some finger food and buy discount soda with plenty of chips. That’s all you need.

Homemade Treats –

Most everyone loves a good pie. Are you a baker? If so, then how about making pies as the gracious act. However you can go a step above and beyond and make special unique fun pies for your various friends and family members. Maybe your Uncle Earl loves banana cream pie and Aunt Betty can’t get enough of blueberry ala mode. Try to mix and match a few,  but we don’t actually expect you to make 40 different flavored pies. Your gift recipients will be most pleased.

Dinner Out –

If you had just a handful of dedicated helpers, then a night out for dinner and drinks might be a terrific way to show gratitude. A fun place like a Dave And Buster’s maybe or even just a local favorite hangout everyone likes. You pick up the tab, everyone has a nice meal and a nice time. This is a great way to thank those who spent the entire day slaving away moving your big furniture, your big boxes and your two big cats.

You can always dole out cold hard cash if you think your friends and family members would prefer it, however we think one of the ideas above might be more fun and memorable.

Have you ever tried an unusual way to thank those who did something special for you? If so, leave a comment below and share it with us. We look forward to your replies.

Author of this article is Samson Moving, a moving services provider based in New Jersey.

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