Indoor air has gotten to be so bad that the EPA put out a notice that indoor air is many times worse than outdoor air. This is bad news for everyone, but most importantly asthma and allergy sufferers who already have breathing issues. However not all is lost since there are things you can do to improve the quality of the air in your home, work or office.

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If you spend lots of time indoors at work or you happen to be self employed and work out of a home office, doing something now to improve your indoor air quality will help you with health issues tomorrow. Below we profile four gadgets that can help you gauge, manage and or improve your surrounding air quality.

4 Smart Gadgets For Better Indoor Air Quality

1. Carbon Monoxide Detector –

This is a simple and inexpensive gadget anyone can buy and one that’s available at most local stores including Walgreens and CVS. When you install this gadget it will tally any carbon dioxide in the air and if and when it gets to an unhealthy level, an alarm will sound to alert you. It basically works the same as a smoke alarm but is meant to detect carbon dioxide in the air and not smoke. You can score one of these for less than $20 at most major drug or hardware stores. A home with unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide is not one you want to spend a lot of time in. If you’re home has a problem with this indoor air issue, a professional needs to be called in immediately.

2. Air Purifiers –

When you add air purifiers to a room you essentially add a device that is meant to absorb and collect dust particles, dander and other pollutants. There are many different models of air purifiers and many different brands. The one that is best for you will depend on your home, the size of your family, your budget and what main issue you’re trying to solve. If you have lots of pets and need an air purifier to collect pet dander from the air, then one that specializes in this is what you should be seeking.

3. Ventilation for Indoor Air Checklist –

This is a groovy cell phone app that serves as a checklist for anyone who wishes to determine the quality of their indoor air. It’s available via a site called Canvas and one that you can read or use via your smartphone. There is a video of the Ventilation for Indoor Air checklist app on YouTube which you can view to decide if this app is one that you could benefit from.

4. EPA Plus iPhone App –

The EPA has an indoor air certification program called Indoor AirPlus which home builders and others use to certify a home. This free iPhone app from the EPA is sort of like a Cliff notes to help you pass the test and get your home certified. There are questions, a quiz and more to help you in passing the examination. You can grab Indoor AirPlus online via iTunes or via your iPhone’s app store.

What tricks of the trade do you use to improve the indoor air quality of your home? Share with us below.

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