Computing has been moving toward small, portable, fast and universal for some time now. That is why there has been a huge move toward laptop computers. Like all technology, the laptop has continued to change as the needs of the consumer have changed. But when a product has reached a certain level of reliability, it is difficult to decide exactly when it is the best time to upgrade should be.

When to Upgrade to a New Laptop 2Is a New Laptop Needed?

Seeing new technology might make you greedy. Exciting new features, faster operating systems, and additional RAM can make you covet something simply because it looks better than the one you own. Perhaps you want to change things up and shop for Android Tablets instead. It’s hard to beat back the desire for the latest toy. But, before you pull out your credit card consider a few things first.

  • Do you need the new laptop, or is your current laptop sufficiently meeting your computing needs?
  • Have your current needs changed and will the new laptop meet those needs?
  • Have services and apps surpassed your current laptop’s ability to effectively use them?
  • Would it be better to wait a little while longer so that the price drops?

Unless you are unable to do something critical to your business, you may want to hold off. If your current model is still serviceable, you may be jumping the gun especially since waiting could result in a better upgrade later on.

Sufficient RAM

When to Upgrade to a New Laptop 3

As mentioned above, there comes a time when the programs you want to use require a system with sufficient memory to get the work done. If you are working with imaging software more RAM is almost always better. The same is true for digital video. If your write programs, you’ll need enough RAM to compile them.

There are simply many processes and programs that demand additional RAM to work properly. If you laptop doesn’t have sufficient RAM and adding RAM to your system is not an option, than upgrading may be extremely necessary.

Hard Drive Space

When to Upgrade to a New Laptop 4Because of how the computer uses energy and memory, a sufficiently large hard drive is essential. Many laptops were manufactured with what was considered enough hard drive space to fly a space ship, but as programs and online services have improved so has there need for operating power. A laptop system that is working at peak performance requires a certain amount of hard drive space.

If it has been filled up over the years with reports, pictures, videos and programs, you could be starving the system. If it operates slow, or with mistakes, it could be due to not enough hard drive space. This is a very good reason to upgrade to a new laptop.

Timing is Everything

When to Upgrade to a New Laptop 5

You may have some wonderful reasons for needing to upgrade your laptop. But timing your purchase is also a factor. What if you buy a nice system only to see a better cheaper model come out a week or two later? But you can't put off buying for fear you’ll miss out on a better deal.

There is a difference between Apple Products and Windows Based Products when it comes to timing. Apple doesn’t adjust their prices very often and only updates its laptops twice a year. With Windows watch for deals in late spring for  “Dads and Grads,” and also in the late summer when kids are going back to school.

There is always going to be something better coming out. So concentrate on what you need. Find the best deal you can and be happy with it. You’ll have to replace it again, but until then enjoy your latest purchase.


Image via: techtricksworld.com

When to Upgrade to a New Laptop 6

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  • HI there, I have this same laptop and am having trouble wiith the inbuilt camera. It works when I was to log in using face recognition, but when I want to use other programs such as skype it does not work - any suggestions, I’m pretty silly when it comes to technology! thanks, @Marisha from http://www.dchub.co.uk    (AC/DC Adapters)

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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