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Of course it’s hard to lose weight.If it was easy, everyone would be thin.However, it’s not as hard to lose weight as numerous advertisements would have us believe, and it doesn’t cost a penny.All it requires is a commitment to eating healthy and making time in your day to exercise.As Edward Stanley once said, “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.

Keeping that in mind, here are several ways to both eat healthier and make exercising easy.

  • Walk whenever possible – a lot people don’t realize that you can lose just as many calories walking as you can by running.  Of course, it’s easier to do this when you live in cities like New York and Boston, as opposed to cities that are more spread out and don’t have good public transportation (i.e. Los Angeles).  However, even then it’s possible – walk to the grocery store around the corner instead of taking your car.  Take quick breaks during your work day and walk outside.  Walk after meals.  It’s generally recommended to walk 30-45 minutes a day, especially to maintain good blood flow.  Remaining sedentary leads to much worse side effects in your body than just gaining weight in the long run.
  • Follow a diet plan – It’s always easier to tell yourselves that you’ll do something, and then put it off indefinitely.  It’s easier to do something when you follow a strict plan or regimen, rather than to go about it from all over the place.  For example: if you’re following a low carb diet – instead of starving your body of carbs, which is one of the worst things you could do, you could follow a balanced diet that lowers carb intake instead of cutting it out completely.
  • Eat less processed food – this type of food has the most preservatives, and thus is much worse for your body than natural food.Try to cook and buy everything fresh, instead of buying frozen food that can be made quickly with a microwave.If you don’t have time to cook, there are plenty of alternatives – just to name a few, there are sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, etc. that can all be made quickly and aren’t processed.
  • Save yourself a treat per week – if you are used to eating a lot of sweets and desserts during the week, it will be very difficult to cut down.Therefore, you can reward yourself at the end of every week by splurging on your favorite dessert, but make sure it is only once and after a week of following your diet plan to the T.Thus, by looking forward to something, you are more likely to stick to your diet plan and not stray.
  • Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast – eating regularly, in smaller increments, is one of the best ways to stay healthy and not gain weight.A lot of people mistakenly assume that if they only eat two meals a day, they will lose weight.However, your body will react by craving more food during those two meals, and a lot more of the food won’t digest and will become fat.In contrast, by eating smaller meals spread out through the day, you digest more and keep yourself healthier.
  • Drink water! – one of the most important things to keeping yourself healthy is to drink lots and lots of water, something that even the healthiest people neglect.Drinking a lot of water helps you feel full faster and longer, helps your body efficiently use nutrients, keeps you energized, and makes effective use of your exercise regime.

Alena writes extensively for www.esupplements.com.  She is an expert on health supplements, a personal trainer and nutritional consultant in the San Diego area.

Image via: ultimate-health-fitness.com

Easy Ways To Stay Healthy 3

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