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What are the benefits of using the app?

There are millions of cars on the roads in the UK. Hundreds of these cars are bought and sold every single day, with new cars coming onto the market, and still more being scrapped. It can be a daunting prospect, knowing that you’re looking for something very specific, but not knowing where to start when there are so many possibilities. You might try looking in the papers or on the internet, but if you can’t narrow down the search, there’s potentially hundreds of cars a day to view and that is enough to make anyone want to call off the whole thing.

But now there is a new way to make looking for new and used cars easier than ever. If you have an iPhone, or other iOS compatible device, you can download the new app and start searching with more potential.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can simply specify those details in the search window, letting the app know what to show you from the extensive database. Then simply press the search button and the app will send you back all the results that match what you’re after. You can sort it by price, age or name if you like, and it will order them exactly how you want.

So there’s no more need for scouring the classifieds for the cars that are on the way out, or trailing half way around the country to go look in showrooms or garages. Now you can just click and browse at your own leisure. And because the site and the app are updated every day, you’re constantly getting a steady stream of potential cars, making the entire process so much easier.

Give it a go today just search for in the app store.


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