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LifeShield Has a New Perspective on Technology and Fire Safety

Unless you hold a brand new device in your hands, anything you currently own falls somewhere between “5 minutes ago” and “ancient” on the technology scale. But we love new technology and it makes our lives better. The downside to our constant upgrades is that we usually need to throw away our old devices and equipment when we get something new. LifeShield Security has taken a different approach to rolling out new technology.

LifeShield offers wireless home security systems with mobile access via a secure website and iPhone and Android apps, and they also offer 24/7 burglary and fire monitoring. What makes them innovative is that instead of forcing people to throw away their old smoke detectors and installing expensive new ones made by LifeShield, this company has taken an alternative approach. They have invented (and patented) a Fire Safety Sensor which, when placed next to the smoke detector, “listens” for a loud alarm and notifies the monitoring station immediately.

Smoke detectors save lives – that is an indisputable fact. Loud alarms can alert people that there is smoke or a fire, and everyone who can hear it can get out safely. One of the only things that can increase the chances of survival and possibly save your home is to get the fire department there faster. Up until now, homeowners and renters had limited choices – either use cheap smoke detectors and call the fire department directly, or spend hundreds or thousands on hard-wired smoke detector systems and pay for monitoring on top of that.

Every customer who subscribes to burglary monitoring gets fire monitoring for free because LifeShield knows that it saves lives and homes. Each customer also gets a Fire Safety Sensor included with their system. The LifeShield Fire Safety Sensor can also be used with carbon monoxide detectors too, providing extra life-saving protection. The best part is that pet lovers know that if there is a fire while they are out of the house, the pets have a better chance of being rescued by the fire department.

The advanced technology of the Fire Safety Sensor was carefully thought out and designed to work with whatever technology users already have. It’s easy to get a $10 smoke alarm and put it in a kitchen, but if everyone needs expensive and complicated devices that require professional installation, no one is going to get the latest life-saving technology. LifeShield makes it simple for everyone to upgrade their fire protection technology without having to throw away their old equipment. It’s time for other tech companies could follow their lead.


Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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