Gadgets and technology have become integral to peoples daily lives. Whether it's mobile phones, HD tv, blue ray disks, SatNav so you never get lost, each and every household has gadgets for everything. This article looks at a range of 5 hot gadgets for the the house, garden, pets and holidays to help you, your family and friends keep safe, work with ease and enjoy yourselves!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

My friend treated himself to this clever yet simple Aeropress and was so impressed by it, he bought it with him to a dinner I hosted so we could try the best home made coffee available. And we are pleased he did, it was gorgeous! It's easy to use, all you do is place the tube over a mug, add coffee, add hot water, gently press the plunger down and you have a great tasting coffee or espresso in less than a minute. You have control over water temperature, and water to coffee ratio for taste so you don't end up with a mug that is too bitter or too weak. It's small, light and perfect for taking with your if you are travelling. One downside is that it only makes to 2 mugs at a time so if you are hosting a party it takes a few attempt to cater for everyone. However, it's so quick to clean that it's not a huge problem.  Simply push the plunger (which creates a vacuum) all the way through the funnel and out come the coffee grinds then a quick rinse.

As they say, “A video is worth a thousand words…”

Tagg – The Pet Tracker

This pet tracker gadget is perfect for pet owners, whether it's cats or dogs or any other animal over 10lbs that you can attach a collar to and know you have a means of locating it if it goes missing. This GPS collar tag sends you a text message directly to your phone when your pet has wandered out of a set location radius you establish for it, ie, the tag zone. You can hook up the computer based wizardry to your computer or smart phone so you can receive coordinates for your missing animal so you can retrieve them safely and easily. As someone who has had pets wander off before, I know this gadget will be a great help at putting animal lovers minds at rest!

iPhone Scuba Suit

5 Fun and Funky Gadgets for 2012 1

This is a must need gadget for any iPhone lovers out there who also love the sea and water! Wrap your iPhone up safely in a water tight suit so you can take it underwater and take photos and videos! Saves you money on expensive, high tech water resistant cameras and videos and allows you to continue using the phone you love safely. With the ability to go down to 15 feet, you can take photos of marine life or just you, your friends and family having fun in the sea. It also helps protect your phone from getting sand in all those hard to clean places if you are a beach lover.

5 Fun and Funky Gadgets for 2012 2Sony Mobile MBS-200 Bluetooth Speaker Retail Packaging

This wireless Sony speaker allows you to connect to any mobile phone via bluetooth so you can stream your music to it and save on your phones battery power as well as get great quality sound. You can also plug it directly into your phone, MP3 or iPod if you prefer. This is great for road trips or days out when you want a little background or mood music for better quality than your phone can provide. It also means that you don't have to carry your heavy radio around with you!

Post-It Table

5 Fun and Funky Gadgets for 2012 3

This is such a great idea, it's a wonder it hasn't really be seen before. It also proves that some of the best and simple gadgets do not require state of the art technology. For those of you who love art, design, doodling or just writing, this desk is perfect for you! The clue is in the title for this one. It's a desk that has a huge pad of post-it notes as it's counter top! Simply draw, scribble or work away and once you're done, rip it off and stick it up! Immediate piece of art or a great way of making presentations quickly, it's a must have table for anyone who works in, or just has a passion for creative media. There is also no need to worry that you will run out of post-its, simply order a new counter top pad so you can keep those creative juices flowing. and because f the pads size, you are not limited to small A4 sheets so you don't have to compromise on your detail or design. Great for adults and kids!

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