Olympic Profile: Mark P. Jones

Mark P. Jones[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ark P. Jones has one of the coolest jobs in the country.

Mark is the Communications Director for the US Olympic Committee. His team is responsible for a lot of the outbound information you see in the media including the USOC’s response to media issues, such as the “Made in China” uniform flap.

Mark is a huge part of these efforts. We caught up with Mark for a brief audio interview, which you can hear here: (mark-jones-interview).

The USOC is the overall governing organization for all US Olympic athlete teams. It is the main fundraising organization for Olympic sports. The USOC raises corporate money then allocates funds among the different sports and their governing organizations, for example USA wrestling, and ensures competitive excellence across all disciplines.

The USOC is also responsible for bringing Team USA’s 530 athletes to the Olympics as well as the 500-700 person delegation there to support the team. This includes chefs, medical staff, coaches, trainers, etc.

The planning process is continuous and constant. Case in point, the USOC has already secured its summer Olympics training grounds, for Rio in 2016.

While we were able to cover a lot of sports, twelve in total, throughout our Olympic Profile series, we couldn’t hit everyone. So, we asked Mark, who’s this year’s Rulon Gardner, you know, the athlete or team that goes from unknown to star?

Here’s his list:

His favorite event? Equestrian eventing, the cross-country event. He likened it to having golf course crowds at a cross country running meet.

Sounds like controlled chaos.

Click the link above and hear Mark talk about modern pentathlon, women’s boxing, gearing up for Sochi, and staging equestrian jumping in the USOC’s Colorado Springs parking lot.

It really was a great conversation…and it was our honor and privilege to close out the Olympic Profiles Series for the 2012 Summer Games with Mark.

Keep up with all the happenings, behind the scenes, of Team USA on their site and follow Mark on Twitter.

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