Election 2012With the American elections fast approaching, you may find it difficult to fit in the time to sit and watch or read endless arrays of news coverage. Polls on this and that, which politician said what and who advocates which polices can be a minefield that you don't always have time for. This article looks at 5 apps and websites which can really help you navigate your way through this years Presidential elections and keep up to date with all the results, polls, news and candidate gossip whether it be by phone, Internet or tablet!


This free app works on Smart Phones and tablets, including Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire.

Electionism is an app which is part of The Economist Group family. This nifty little app curates coverage from a wide variety of other news outlets and election sources to give you a comprehensive insight to all the top and hot election news. This offers international and national perspectives so not only do you know the regional polls and thoughts but that of the rest of the world so you never miss a beat about who is saying what about who. And not only that, it keeps up with Twitter streams so you know the impact the election is having on social media, great for Tweeters!

Politifact Mobile

This app costs $1.99 and is compatible with iPhone, Android and Playbook.

Politifact-Mobile  is a product of Politifcat, a Pulitzer Prize winning website, this app strives to separate political gossip into fact and fiction saving you time on having to wade through the irrelevant news and only having the facts you need to hand. Their motto is, “Get the truth any time, anywhere. Whether you're checking claims by Presidential candidates, or promises made by President Obama, find out who's telling the truth and who's stretching it.” This fun app displays the facts in features such as “Truth-o-Meter”, “Obameter” and “GOP Pledge-o-Meter”.


This app costs $4.99 and works for iPads and computers.

270toWin is an up to date interactive electoral map. This clever little app works on the basis that the candidates need 270 states to gain the majority to win the election. It allows you to make predictions for the states and share your prediction map with your friends so you can discuss and talk about it. It allows users to follow the map state for state, track election polls per state, follow the 2012 Senate map as well as a Republican Primary tracker. 270toWin also allows you to compare election results from as far back as 1789 so you can see if and where swings and changes take place or if it is simply a consistent  vote. A brilliant app for those f you who love history, guessing results and statistics!

America's Election HQ

Free web page.

America's Election HQ is a product of Fox News and claims to offer “Front row seats to politics”. It is a blog which consists of all the up to date election coverage and news on topics such as policy, funding, candidate information and polls. This blog is the official Fox News website for all electoral news so be sure to browse it for their views and comments. You can even pick which writers and contributors blogs you would prefer to read if you have a preference over style or candidate.


Free app for iPhone and Android.

This app is perfect for Democrats, Republicans or even for those of you following independent candidates as it offers news and coverage for all of the above. ElectionCaster is an app for your iPhones and Androids and collects all coverage from a wide range of major publications and news outlets to give you the best supply of election news with multiple views and arguments so you know all sides of the debates and arguments. Features for this app include it's up to date blog which also links out to other popular and influential news sites so you know where to look for details, polls on election races, public opinion and policy issues as well as being able to share your data and links with your social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It also lets you follow local, national and international stories on democracy and politics world wide if you have an interest in global politics and relations.

Key Take Away

Politics takes up so many hours of the day and not all of it is even relevant and is just hear say and jibes made from one party to another. These apps help you sift through the clutter to get to the news that is most important to you. Whether it's by phone, tablet or the computer, you can locate the stories you want with ease by finding the apps and pages that most suit your political needs.

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