weddingAs much as we all want to believe that the wedding is all about the bride, the experience is also a pretty big day for the groom.  My wedding was one of the greatest events of my life; all my friends and family were all in one spot and the day was just about my wife and me.  With my experience behind me there are a few things I would recommend to other men, that they may regret if they do or don’t do.  They are listed below in no order of importance.

Not a Big Enough Ring

While I don’t recommend going out and buying a $20,000 ring, I definitely recommend you don’t cheap out and get a Walmart special.  Figure out what you can afford then shop around.  Make sure you know what style she likes, and try to get something you are 100% sure she will like.  The engagement ring is like your branding on her finger.  To most women it is also some sort of weird competition, so if you want to look like the big man on campus, pony up and get something just a little bigger than you think her friends would get.

Not Inviting That Friend

We all have ‘that friend’ that your wife to be doesn’t necessarily like.  If you want to make your relationship awkward, by all means, go ahead and don’t invite him to your big day, but rest assured your relationship with that buddy will most likely be damaged.  If it is a matter of cost, tell your lady to be you will pony up the extra $100 to have him attend because even though she isn’t that close to him, it means a lot to you that he comes to your wedding.

Allowing Shots at the Open Bar

I’ve been to a few weddings where shots were aloud, and let me tell you, they were a good time!  While shots may be fun at somebody else’s wedding, they can lead to disaster and chaos at your own. Remember at most venues you have to put down a security deposit for damages and drunk people are great at breaking things.  Drunk people are going to happen either way at weddings, but shots is ensuring that you have an army of drunken baboons potentially destroying your venue and running you up a monster tab.

Not Having Extra Entertainment

So you’ve got awesome food, an awesome DJ and plenty of booze.  Dancing and eating is always a good time, but what if your guests need a few minutes of down time, what should they do?  Why not rent a photo booth or setup a candy bar?  Photo booths are great because it gives your guests a few minutes to stop dancing their hearts out while simultaneously providing them with a wedding favour they will actually keep!  Don’t bother  burning CDs of all your favourite love songs, chances are most people will leave them behind.  Get a photo booth and offer entertainment and a party favour in one shot.  Candy booths are also an awesome thing to rock at your wedding; they are affordable are a great snack two hours after dinner and is a great way to give your guests a little goodie bag to take home.  I had a candy bar at my wedding and loved it, I wish I splurged and got a photo booth as well.

Drinking Too Much on The Big Day

While I got pretty tipsy at my wedding, there were a few moments where I had to step back and slow down on the alcohol.  Your nerves will be twitching all day, but be careful how many swigs of tequila or whiskey you have prior to the ceremony unless you want your bride to be to become bridezilla.  Partying is always fun, and you can definitely put back enough to have a good time, but remember this event should only be happening once in your life; you are going to want to remember it.  On top of remembering your night, you are going to have to talk to potentially hundreds of people, some you haven’t spoken to in years. Do you really want to come across as a drunken fool on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life?

Not Taking Dancing Lessons before the First Dance

I’m a terrible dancer.  If you are a regular beer drinking guy like me, chances are you suck at dancing too.  I somehow managed to squeeze by with a few attempts at slow dancing in the weeks leading up the wedding, but deep down inside part of me regrets not learning how to properly dance.  You have a ridiculously large audience watching you jive, why not hit up Groupon or Living Social and find some cheap dance lessons.  It is a few hours of your life that will pay itself back in dividends over the course of your life at social events.  Learn to dance!

Bachelors, if you are getting married soon, I hope you heed this advice. Cheers to a long and happy marriage!

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