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15 Minute App Review: Explain Everything

Explain Everything by MorrisCooke and The Constructivist Toolkit LLC is a cool tool that allows you to present and record information and objects on your iPad.  You can create presentations and demonstrations and share these with ease.  It’s very easy to insert images, pdfs, even web browsers and then you can annotate these objects while recording your movements and a voice over, using the iPad’s mic.


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Business Value/productivity value 4/5

Normal pricing is 2.99 – for all the features you get, I think it’s a bargain.  Watch the video to see all the different things you can do with this presentation software.   As a visual person, I think this is an ideal tool to explain concepts, workflows and easily share this information with others.  This could save a TON of time preparing presentations and conveying ideas to others.

Ease of use 4/5

Even though there are a lot of options available, after a few tries and a few taps I felt like I had it pretty well nailed down.  The YouTube video linked here was the 3rd presentation I created and I was able to incorporate most of the features with ease.  It would be nice to be able to do a bit more complex editing with the audio but otherwise all the features I tried were intuitive and easy.

Likelihood of usage 5/5

I can easily see this software being added to my rotation of must have tools.  I will certainly use it repeatedly.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The icons are simple and plain but that’s all you really need.  Why go overboard?  They do the job.  The exported videos look pretty good.  Again, refer to the YouTube video to see what I created and you’ll notice the HD option.  It looks good.

Overall 4.25/5

This is a really great program for an inexpensive price.  If you’re in need of software like this and want extreme portability with many great features, please give Explain Everything  a look.

Where to get it: Here

How much is it 2.99

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