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With three major players (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) in the Smartphone arena and many thousands of app developers for each format, the choices for useful, fun and creative apps for your phone can seem daunting. There is a grand total of over 1,200,000 apps between all three Smartphone operating systems (around 600,000 for iPhone, 500,000 for Android and 100,000 for Windows Phone), which makes even finding an app a seemingly endless task.

Here is list of some of the best apps for each.


The Apple iPhone has been around the longest of the three and so their app store has grown the most by default. The latest iteration of this phone has great graphics capabilities and so it’s no surprise that a number of these are going to be popular games. Of all the new IPhone apps out there, here are just a few to keep you entertained.

Angry Birds Space

This popular physics game has proven to be a best seller on any platform. This app proves that a simple concept, executed with a great sense of humor, can capture the hearts of everyone. If you haven’t downloaded this app on your iPhone, do yourself a favor and do it now.

Plague Inc.

This simulation game puts you in the shoes of a highly adaptive and infectious virus. Your goal is to infect the entire population of the world. You will have to evolve to resist increasingly effective vaccinations. It’s an extremely realistic look at a terrifying possibility.


New iPhone apps that make it possible to take quality photographs with your phone are a welcome addition. Camera+ gives you an app that provides a professional array of filters that will satisfy even the most artistic photographer.

While Android is still relatively new to the Smartphone scene, it has quickly risen to become a viable contender. There app store has been growing and new Android apps seem to arrive on a daily basis. With these new Android apps in mind, here are just a few of those offerings.

Face Lock

Movies and television entertain us with visions of a technological future where virtually everything recognizes us. You can have a small taste of that future by installing Face Lock onto your Android phone. This app uses the camera on your phone to analyze your face and unlock your phone.

Where’s My Droid

Everyday virtually thousands of cell phones are lost. Losing track of your phone can send you into a panic and ruin your day. Where’s My Droid enables you to track your phones location and find it using a computer or another Android device.

Google Plus and Google Music

What would an Android phone be without Google services? With the popularity of Google Plus you would be remiss if you didn’t have this app installed on your Android device. Keeping up with your ever increasing circles will be much easier on the go. Google Music will provide you with a great alternative to ITunes and Xbox Music.

Windows Phone
Microsoft’s entry into the Smartphone market came relatively late. The software behemoth is not letting that late start keep them from turning the market upside down. With an interface that is unlike any other Smartphone out there, they are finding themselves at the forefront of innovation. Here are just a few of the gems that you should look for.


With Microsoft’s purchase of Skype, it is natural that this app would be among the best choices for your Windows Phone. While it had a somewhat of a false start the latest version is a top notch communication app. The future is bright for even deeper integration between Windows Phone and Skype. With this app face to face communication is even easier.


Taking incredible panoramic shots can be a difficult task with any camera. Photosynth makes capturing breathtaking pictures of landscapes and monuments a breeze. Using the accelerometer and, in some cases, the gyroscope on your Windows Phone, Photosynth creates panoramas that are good enough to frame.

Xbox Live Extras

The fact that Xbox Live is available on Windows Phones in such an integrated fashion is a strong selling point for the Smartphone. Tracking your high scores, games played, achievements and friend invites are just a few of the excellent tools this app provides.

Hopefully this list will help you keep up with all the new apps that are available. New Android apps, new IPhone apps and Windows Phone offerings are cropping up on a daily basis. Sifting through new apps is better if you have an idea of what to expect. The purpose of this list is to help you find a few treasures amongst all the new apps offered.

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