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Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson Tribute

3 years ago today – we lost a legend…

The world loved (and still loves) Michael Jackson. For that reason I waited a few days to write this review on the Man in the Mirror show at the Eldorado Casino/Hotel in Reno. I wanted to acknowledge the significance of the man, the music, and the legacy.

As part of an awesome Father’s Day present, my wife got tickets to this show for the family. Our seats – centerstage, row 2 – gets no better than that without actually being in the performance.

From the moment we walked into the packed auditorium to the moment right before the lights dimmed you could feel the excitement in the air – Michael’s music was playing in the background, people were singing and you could hear a number of conversations of “what is your favorite Michael Jackson song?”

When the lights did go down, and the show did start I must say that it was a non-stop 90 minute tribute to the King of Pop that was done flawlessly.

Man in the Mirror - Eldorado Reno

The dancers, singers and musicians were so in-tune with the vibe of the music, they sang their hearts out and hit every dance step beautifully. One of the singers/dancers, Alex Bartosch, had Michael’s robot move and finger snaps down to a T!! (Note: You can read a little more about Alex here).

During a few breaks between songs, there were touching video tributes of Michael and for Michael from his friends and family – that made the show even more personal and again fitting, since we were remembering his legacy during this anniversary week.

If you’re in Reno – go to the Eldorado for this show. There are a number of packages (those including the show and those including dinner and a room as well). Tickets are reasonably priced and you will definitely walk out the doors feeling good.

Images via Sparks Tribune


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