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3 Interesting Insurance Follows On Pinterest

Have you signed up to Pinterest, yet? If not, you might be missing out on some valuable traffic and networking opportunities. This hot new social media site is already the third largest social network on the web – which is quite impressive considering it just debuted recently.


Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic back to your blog if you happen to fall in one of the popular categories on the site, which include travel, food, DIY, crafts, hobbies and quotes. Get creative and think of the many visual ways you can take advantage of Pinterest and use it to drive traffic to your site or blog.

If you happen to be an insurance website or blog owner – this one is aimed at you, as below we look at three good insurance follows on Pinterest.

1. Confessions Of An Insurance Goddess

Carrie Galvez Reynolds runs the Confessions of An Insurance Goddess blog and lucky for us she has also joined the Pinterest bandwagon. Her boards are a nice mix of insurance tidbits and facts but she also has fun boards like “a day in the life of an insurance goddess” which really showcases her personality and playful nature. Her blog posts are also on a board so you can follow along this way versus RSS or email.

2. UK

This is a UK insurance comparison site that also happens to be on Pinterest with 9 boards and 225 followers – as of this writing. The boards vary from the functional “careers at” to video infographics and memes to adverts and even a groovy driving in high heels competition. The guys and gals over at have had good success with their various Pinterest campaigns which makes them one to watch and perhaps emulate in your neck of the woods.

3. Pet Plan Insurance

We can’t leave the family pet out of the equation, can we? Pet Plan Insurance has a veritable Pinterest account with 24 boards and a whopping 606 followers. With boards like dog breeds, cat breeds and pet health tips – they have the pet arena covered. With boards like Meet The Team and Pet Plan on The Prowl they also afford us as a visitor or possible consumer a behind the scenes look at Pet Plan. But we especially like the “stylish pets” board – that one is a hoot. This is actually one of the better Pinterest accounts we have seen recently. (take notes on this one)

I am surprised to see that not one of the major insurance brands including State Farm, Allstate, Progressive and Geico are on board with Pinterest yet. I checked them all and couldn’t find them on the image based social network, which is a shame because as Carrie from Confessions of An Insurance Goddess points out in her blog, there are numerous ways to put your insurance agency, website or blog to good use on Pinterest.

Article comes courtesy of Zoe, who writes for – when she’s not writing for the web she is out and about getting fit and staying in shape so she doesn’t need personal insurance anytime soon.

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