Twitter Alternatives 1Editorial Note: We put the call out yesterday during Twitter's outage and asked a number of social media influencers for alternatives to consider when Twitter is not accessible. Here is another FANTASTIC list of alternatives compiled by Darryl Cobb.


So, when the number one productivity killer behind Facebook and LOLcats goes down and reality remains a terrible bore, don't fret, I've got the cure for those itchy thumbs.

Here are some great substitutions for you to call up when Twitter goes on the injured reserve. After all, we don't put our procrastination jones' all in one minute draining basket, do we?

Give these a try!

InstagramInstagram – This one is a no brainer, literally. If you didn’t swear to never use it again because Team Android stepped into you Orchard or Zuckerbucks procured it for his own personal collection, you’re in luck. It’s Twitter with images and image editing filters, even down to the hashtags and “@”s. Instagram even works on the same premise of using “followers” and “following”. A good thing, most of your favorite celebrities and friends Instagram username is the same as it is on Twitter. Oh, and the good part, you can even send each of these posts to Twitter whenever it decides to return. Available on Android and iOS devices.

Flipboard logoFlipboard – Why, you ask? This app turns your ugly Twitter timelines into a beautiful magazine layout, even when Twitter is down. Flipboard treats your timeline like an RSS feed and refreshes itself upon opening. One of iOS's most popular readers and fresh out of beta for Android, it’s a nice way to look in when the fail whale leaves you locked out. Give it a try, I think you might like it. It’s also good for following your favorite newsfeeds, Facebook, Google+ and my third alternative…

tumblr logoTumblr – It’s not as nimble as the other two but a little more robust. Where Twitter is a Micro-blogging platform and WordPress is a full blogging experience, Tumblr is right in the middle. Here you upload videos, quotes, long form or short form posts, like and even retweet (read: reblog) posts you like. You have the ability to follow your favorite pages and have their content show up in your timeline (read: dashboard). And yes, you even have people that will spam your feed there, too. Unlike the above two options, you can stagger your posts to spread your content over a user identified or pre-determined set of time and yes, you can even export them to Twitter as well.

Thumb for iOS and AndroidThumb – Let me guess, you never heard of this and why is it listed? Twitter is a hub of unsolicited opinions, strong unsolicited opinions. Well, here’s a social network devoted to nothing but opinions and the more opinionated you are, the more it works in your favor. Can’t make a decision? Want to settle a debate? Want your beauty judged unbiasly? Ask your peers, wait 5 minutes (literally it doesn’t take long at all), and you’ll be inundated with praise, scorn or indifferent feelings from those registered.  And unlike Twitter, THESE POSTS ARE YOUR BUSINESS! Available on Android and iOS.

Get Glue logoGet Glue – This is another one you probably never heard of or probably didn’t think about but makes perfect sense. Especially if you’re watching the big game, or that reality show that you just have to talk about. Check in, chat it up and when it’s over, you check out. Think of it as a very hot trending topic for however long the show is on for. And when it’s over, like other stale topics, it’s over. I'm using right now to pay for all my Miami Heat slander. Unlike Twitter, you get rewarded a sticker for participation! (Shows off his “Eating Crow” sticker.). Get Glue is available for iOS | Android | Windows Phone.

And there you have it. 5 ways to kill your productivity or escape the boredom of analog existence with your iPhone or Android phone when Twitter takes an unannounced vacation. Any termination of employment is no fault of the author, site or developers of the above applications. Please use mobile social networking responsbily.

Image via: article.wn.com

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