After reading the book and viewing the trailers for the upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I was especially intrigued when I saw this game from Fox/AlKal. I scanned the QR code, downloaded the app and fired it up.  I very much wanted to enjoy this game.

iOS Game: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2
The game is this simple. This is the entire tutorial.

The Fox splash screen looked nice, the menu page looked OK but I knew things were going down hill when I tapped “Play Game” on the menu. The splat sound had me a little worried.  It sounded corny like something you might hear on an old cartoon.  Sure enough, the corny continued as the game started.  Character pictures started to slide in and out of the screen. There was no tutorial but I really didn't need one.  However, after playing literally hundreds on games on iOS, one comes to expect certain basic features. A brief tutorial is generally one of those things.  Animated characters is another. In this game there were what I assumed to be vampires, sliding up and down and side to side around obstacles.  If you tap one you get points and they lose their heads.  If you tap a good guy, you lose points…but they keep their heads.  The game progresses to different scenes (I assume these are from the movie) and the little vampires and good guys get smaller and smaller.  It's harder to see and or tap on them when they get smaller so I think this is supposed to represent an increase in difficulty.  It's basically whack-a-mole with a movie theme laid over the top.

Believe me, I wanted to be positive about this game and tell you that it was fun and entertaining.  To check myself, I handed my iPhone over to my son who is 7.  He's a gamer and I thought he'd give me his objective opinion.  He picked it up quickly noting that some of the creatures were “monsters” and some were not.  He question why the female one was a “monster” because she didn't look as “bad” as the others.  He passed a couple levels, handed my phone back to me and started to play a game on his iPod Touch.  I asked what he thought and he told me that it was “not a good game”.  Normally, he will ask me to load on his iPod just about any game that I try.  Not this time.  Not this game.

Entertainment Value 0 / 5

This really is not a good game.  Only play it if you want to be angry about wasting your time.  It is free.

Ease of Use 5/5

A child could play this game but they are likely too smart for that.  It's too easy.

Likelihood of Replay 0/5

The only way I would load this back on my phone or iPad would be to illustrate how not to design a game.

Graphics and Sound 1/5

I'll be generous and give a point for the soundtrack.

Overall 0/5

The main positive aspects I can share are these – the topic of the game covers a movie that I actually want to see, the app did not crash my phone, and it's free.  The negatives far outweigh these however.   In addition to the above lack of features, the app doesn't save your place in the game if you press the home button.  You have to watch the splash screens all over again and start from the beginning.  It feels rushed and I expect more.

Overall this game is a huge disappointment from someone who enjoyed the book and is STILL looking forward to the movie.



iOS Game: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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