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Hackers Love Targeting Small Businesses

Small businesses often mistakenly assume that they are too small to be of any interest to hackers. They also seem to believe they have taken adequate measures to protect themselves. These businesses may be interested in learning more about the reality of the situation, which is that hackers love targeting naive small businesses.

In fact, 72 percent of the known hacker breaches in 2011 affected businesses with 100 employees or less. 85 percent of small businesses believe they have taken adequate measures to keep safe from hackers. This is absolutely a sign of overconfidence. 67 percent of small businesses actually do not use web-based security/service and 61 percent do not even use anti-virus on desktops.

Hackers are often very successful extracting such sensitive material from small businesses as payment card numbers, authentication credentials, copyrighted material, medical records, classified information and bank account details. The average cost incurred by a small-medium business as a result of a cyber-attack comes out to a whopping $188,242. Small businesses should understand that preventive measures are simple and cheap.

This well-designed infographic is must-see material for all small-medium businesses.

Are you surprised that small businesses are targeted so frequently by hackers?

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