PinterestEveryone has heard of Pinterest, it’s the hottest most popular social network of recent times. It allows you to collect and share your favourite online websites, images, anything in fact, and tack them on your virtual notice boards for your friends, family and the world to see and share with their own networks. The question is, can other similar websites or companies really compete with the mighty Pinterest? This article looks at 5 great Pinterest alternatives that may better suit your online sharing needs!

ClipixClipix – For Those Who like Privacy

Clipix is a great alternative for those of you who like to keep your online surfing and websites secret rather than allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to be watching your online movements. Unlike Pinterest, Clipix boards are automatically private but you can then choose to share them with selected people and public if you wish to do so. Great news for people who may not want their parents to know what they’re looking up..! All you need to do is add the “Clip” icon to your browser and then you just select to Clip the websites and pages you like and want to revisit easily. Perfect!

Jux – Photo and Video Sharing Specialist


Whereas Pinterest allows you to Pin all sorts of content, Jux specialises in photos and videos for those of you who have a passion for these subjects. This is excellent if photography and videos are your work, hobby or just have a love for it and you want a quick easy and no fuss specialist curation site to help you organise your collections. Your boards do not get cluttered, you do not have to scroll for ages to find the relevant content, it’s all there right in front of you.

GentlemintGentlemint – Pinterest for Men

This Pinterest alternative is quite popular amongst men. This is probably because it is aimed directly and specifically at them so it’s hard not to please them! Deciding that Pinterest was too feminine for real men and they couldn’t possibly use it, the makers of Gentlemint made a man orientated collection page. Whether it’s fire, zombies, food, bikes and cars it’s all here organised for you to find and use and enjoy as you will. Because boys will be boys!

List.lyListly – We All Need Lists

If you are anything like me, you depend on lists to help you out with particular tasks. Packing a suit case for a holiday, shopping, even if it’s just what you have planned for the day, lists really are the pinnacle of organisation. Listly realises this and has made a curation place for you and your most valuable and important lists. What’s more you can share and look at other lists to gain or give inspiration! Hook it up to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter and you are all set with the easiest organisation method in the world. Many people who have tried it say they prefer it to Pinterest…

OurspotOurspot – For Friends and Family

Ourspot is a curation site which is primarily focused on friends and family being able to share ideas via online “spots”. The idea behind Ourspot is that the things you like and cherish most are the personal memories and themes shared by your nearest and dearest, not strangers you have never meet online. That said, you can select to make your Spots public. Ourspot is more of an online diary or scrap book of shared interest and events. Whether it’s your sisters wedding day, that night camping with friends or the latest fashion websites, you can Spot these with your friends on intimate, private Spots.  It’s the fun easy, virtual way of having a catch up and sharing your views on shared events!

Key Take Away

Pinterest may be the website that has made the biggest splash but it’s certainly not the only one of its kind. Depending on what you like or need form your online curation and sharing tactics, or just interests, there are other sites available to use that may suit you better. Browse around and see what you like!

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