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Twitter Hashtag Pages AND TV Advertising

Twitter is by no means taking Sunday off and resting – today saw a couple of significant firsts for the little blue bird.

For starters, Twitter aired their first TV commercial during the 2012 Pocono 400 Nascar race. Now, I don’t watch much Nascar so I’ll give the hat tip to Mashable for informing us of this tweet from Twitter’s own Omid Ashtari.


For those who may not be aware, that’s Nascar driver Brad Keselowski snapping the photo and instantly uploading it to his Twitter stream.

This isn’t the first time Brad has given racing fans his view from behind the steering wheel. Last time he tweeted and uploaded a photo his Twitter followers went through the roof.

The ad is huge news. Now we see Twitter moving directly into our living rooms and on our big HD screens, instead of just 600px wide YouTube videos highlighting stories and new functionality.

The second earth shaking news coming from Twitter is less obvious and less flashy to the casual user, but to those of us that follow the company pretty well, this may be even more significant of a change.

Twitter has begun highlighting hashtags through the use of dedicated pages.

So far I can’t find any of the hashtags I typically follow, so maybe it was just launched for Nascar, but the look and feel is promising to those of use that track and use a number of hashtags in our social communications.

Nascar Twitter

Notice something else from the image above? The hashbang is officially gone!! No more!NASCAR

We’ve been told significant usability and performance increases are coming our (users) way with the reconstructed URL.

It will be interesting to see what comes next as Twitter must find a means of monetizing their platform.


James Hicks

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