Facebook Integration is Taking Over the Internet

Facebook has been so aggressive at integrating their website into everything, everyone wants an app to tap into the always-growing base of users on the largest social network in the world. It has been Facebook Apps integration that can be credited with the rising surge in Facebook popularity. Hey, aren’t you one of the 60 million plus Farmville users? Even competitors like MySpace, once at the top of the heap, are also allowing Facebook integration.

Perhaps a good sign that Facebook is decidedly taking over the world is popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing, some of the most social of all portals with its focus on email, chatting and messenger, and now recently allowing Facebook connectivity. Microsoft has decided to make a stronger attempt at deep Facebook integration trying to chip away at Big Daddy Google’s market dominance. Microsoft, long universally known for its software prowess, has redesigned its search engine look adding a feature displaying your friends that have had a similar interest in the query you pose. Additionally, Bing users will find “Friends” suggestion in the sidebar hinting that the Friends listed may be able to help you with that search for Victorian buttons for your doll costume collection. The concept is a user’s search engine query can be a productive jumping off point for social conversation with others of like interests. It’s these recent changes in search engines that is making services that allow you to buy Facebook fans more popular, as these type of services can help boost the popularity of your Facebook page and get your content seen online.

A good selling point for introducing the known universe of social networking to searching is the instant “trust” factor available. Simple search engine results do not necessarily qualify the result as a trusted source for providing a solution – whether information, advice or offer of paid services and goods. However, your Friends’ advice goes a long way toward helping you make decisions. Google has realized this but, unlike Bing, it wants to own all. Google launched its social network – Google+ – but to date the 170 million user pages created pales pitifully when compared to Facebook’s 900 million – and growing. But, amount isn’t the only tell when it comes to understanding the cards dealt. Facebook has a far greater advantage when it comes to daily activity.

The average American Facebook user spends an average of 13 minutes per day on the social network. This is one huge reason Microsoft wants to tap into such a viable network of Internet users. So, it has cleaned up its Bing removing all the clutter that has accumulated with each added service. The new three-column look keeps the large left-side column displaying those 10 familiar blue links users have grown to love.

And many other worldwide major brands are deeply in love with Facebook. This is why an explosion of apps has taken place increasing Facebook integration almost everywhere a user surfs the net. One major player that has taken advantage of the social networking power Facebook possesses is Ticketmaster. The online events-ticket selling giant allows users to share what seats they have purchased with Facebook friends who can then book theirs nearby. When online Ticketmaster customers purchase a ticket, they receive an option to share this information with Facebook Friends. It’s a lot like tagging a photo making the ticket news also shared with your Friends’ friends.

Facebook may eventually influence all we do.

Drew Hendrickshttp://p0g.com
Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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